Is There a Step-by-Step Guide to Enrolling in a Virtual College?


Are you concerned about being accepted into a well-regarded university this academic year? The students’ normal routines may be challenging this year, but you must hang in there. We’ve outlined an approach to enrolling at vulms, one of the best public guidance in Pakistan.

How Can I Submit My Application To The Virtual University?

The current pandemic has made it hard for candidates to visit colleges to obtain admission forms. As a result, candidates must fill out online forms with the utmost care and accuracy. The following is a rundown of the procedures that need to be completed for you to get a spot at this university. You should follow along and make some notes.

Sign Up

The website of Virtual University is incredibly user-friendly and frequently updated. On their main website, students may also watch a brief film that provides them with step-by-step instructions for filling out the application for admission. 

The prospective student must initially visit the online application and create an account before continuing with the application process. After you have successfully registered, an email confirmation will be delivered to the address you provided during registration. If you click the link in the main body of the email, you will be taken to the website, where you will be asked for your login details.

Choosing Among Programmes

Be sure you know what you want to learn before you start. The most important decision one must make throughout their time in school is which field of study they will pursue. The candidate will need to provide the following information to be considered:

  • You can apply from either inside or outside of Pakistan.
  • The choice to what extent (also includes certificates and diplomas)
  • Optional Programming Available
  • Where you are studying (on campus or at home)
  • Campus location of choice

When you are satisfied with all of the available choices, click the “save and go to next step” button at the bottom of this page.

Particulars About An Individual

This section asks for information about your educational history, contact information, and biographical facts. Suppose you want to continue your studies after being accepted to this university. In that case, you will need to answer the following questions (which are shown below) in this part about your ability to use the internet and your proficiency with computers.

Scholarship Application Based On Financial Need

The university, which has strong relations with the federal government and is supported nationally, provides financial assistance to students who demonstrate exceptional potential. Be sure that you do not apply for a fellowship if you do not deserve to receive one. Before approving any scholarship applicants, the university’s management will first put them through a stringent verification process.

Credit Transfer Form

Additionally, the institution will allow you to transfer credits or receive credit for courses you have already completed. As soon as the form is submitted, you will be questioned about the final qualification requirements, and then you will be given the test for this phase.

Upload Documents

Your form will have several scanned documents attached to it. Keep in mind that the size of any document must not exceed 1 megabyte. The documents will be confirmed and double-checked with the relevant examination boards and educational institutions. Any fake documents attached to the form will result in the pupils receiving a penalty. It is important to note that when scanned documents are scanned, they must be clear and eligible.

Put In Your Application

After the application has been turned in, there will be no room for changes or additional information to be included. To double-check that everything is functioning properly, select the “Home” button in the upper left-hand corner of the programme tab.

The Payment Of The Fee

After completing the application online, you must pay the prospectus fee at any VU panel banks or institutions (HBL, United Bank, Bank Alfalfa). The usage of online bank transactions, the Telenor Easypaisa service, or the Omni service are all viable options for determining feasibility.

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