How Using CBD Helped With My High Blood Pressure in Australia

Hey guys, My name’s Henry, I’m a creative and commercial photographer in my early thirties. Today, I’d like to share my experience with taking CBD Oil Australia to cope with high blood pressure in Australia. I’ll be talking about how I came to the decision to try CBD and how it’s affected my life so far.

As a photographer, I’m constantly on the road from one client to the next, taking a fair share of physical demand on my body. Carrying a bag of heavy equipment with me to every shoot gets taxing after doing it for several years. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. But, since 3 years ago, I’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition called hypertension otherwise commonly known as high blood pressure. 

I was with a client one afternoon shooting for a fragrance brand when I noticed my vision blurring and I wasn’t able to control my breathing. It was an embarrassing situation as I had no idea how to react to these symptoms. Initially, I thought it was a one-off strange phenomenon until it came back again the following week. Luckily this time I was at home editing photos, so I was able to just relax and regain my focus. Googling my symptoms only scared me for the worst, so instead I went to get properly diagnosed. Long-story short, that’s how I discovered high blood pressure.

After about 4 months of taking ACE inhibitors (medication for hypertension) I did notice I wasn’t getting the symptoms anymore. However, the medications brought other symptoms into my life. After taking my medication, I picked up feelings of anxiety and nausea. Although being anxious is normal, in this case I was getting super anxious a lot followed by a discomforting feeling of nausea. Near the end of my battle against high blood pressure, I grew restless with a new discovered problem of insomnia. At that point, I realised that remedying high blood pressure had brought more problems into my life than solutions. That was until I came across an article about CBD in Australia for Insomnia. The article comprehensively explains the science and proven benefits from taking CBD. After turning my eyes toward CBD, I dove deeper and read another article that highlights how to  buy CBD online in Australia.

After purchasing my first Full-Spectrum CBD Oil from Lullaby Luxury, my natural sleeping schedule returned to its natural cycle. With a single dose of CBD a day, I was quickly able to remedy not only my sleeping problems, but also my nausea. In my third month of taking my CBD, I had increased my dosage to twice a day and that was when I noticed the anxiety sensations had reduced slightly.

Early this year, I read an article that talks about how CBD can in fact also remedy hypertension through its natural healing properties like being a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This was when I started to experiment with my medication dosages by slowly reducing my dosage each day, to the point where I wasn’t taking any more ACE inhibitors. Let me tell you just how thrilled I was to learn that my anxiety and blood pressure symptoms literally disappeared. I found it strange how my medications could cause such feelings of anxiety, but since taking certified CBD products, I didn’t have to wonder anymore. CBD is my life saver.

If you’re interested in giving CBD a try, I recommend having a read on CBD Oil Australia for their tremendously informative information about using CBD in Australia. Their pages share tested product reviews and general information to help the average Australian understand the recent legalisation of CBD and what to expect. I hope my story reaches anyone who may need CBD or are already interested in giving it a shot.

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