how to use molle connectors


molle connectors

If you have never used a molle connector, then you are missing out on an amazing feature that can be used in many different ways. Molle connectors were originally designed for military use and they are still very popular today.

What is MOLLE.

MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It’s a system of webbing, pouches and other accessories designed to allow military personnel to carry more gear with less weight.

MOLLE connectors are used to connect two or more MOLLE compatible items together. These can be used for attaching pouches to your packs, rucksacks or anything else you want to strap on!

How to use molle connectors.

How to use molle connectors:

  • Attach the molle attachment to your molle vest, backpack or other gear.
  • Attach the molle attachment to a Molle Pack.

Molle attachments are useful in many activities.

Molle attachments are useful in many activities. For example, they can be used to attach a hydration bladder or water bottle to your backpack, or they can be used as a storage pouch for items like energy bars or batteries.

How do you attach molle attachments?

  • First, make sure that the attachment is compatible with your gear’s size and shape by checking the manufacturer’s website (or contacting them directly). The website should list which tools are needed to properly install the attachment onto an item of clothing or equipment; otherwise there may be no need for any tools at all! If necessary then look up how-to videos online before attempting installation yourself later on down below this page


MOLLE connectors are an essential part of outdoor life. They allow you to attach additional gear to your backpack, coat, or other clothing. These attachments can be used for different purposes – from storing your knife when hiking, to keeping your keys safe at night. If you’re looking for ways to make sure that everything stays organized in your pack then check out our selection today!

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