How to Remove the LG G4 Water Damage Sticker

You might wonder if your LG G4 is water damaged. The LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) on the back of your phone changes colour when it comes in contact with water. Fortunately, you can check this indicator yourself with a bit of isopropyl alcohol and then dry the device with a hairdryer or radiator. But what should you do if you don’t see this indicator?

LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) is a small indicator that changes colour when it comes into contact with water

In some cases, this indicator can activate without any water contact. There are numerous repair videos on YouTube demonstrating how to properly check your phone’s LDI.

The LDI is a tiny indicator that changes colour when it comes in contact to water. The indicator is located on several points inside electronics, including the power and SIM card slots. This means that the service personnel can easily check the device for water damage and protect the customer from warranty fraud. The liquid damage indicator is also commonly referred to as a water damage tape, sticker, or tape.

It is a good way to check if your LG G4 is water damaged

You’ll find the water damage indicator on the LG G4 5 in the same place. If you have a water-damaged LG G4, you’ll need to apply isopropyl alcohol to activate the LDI sticker. The liquid contact indicator may be located near the battery contacts, on the outside of the phone, or under the battery cover. Once this happens, the phone will stop working. Water damages other parts of the phone, and may invalidate the warranty.

Once it has dried, you can charge it and sync it with your computer to see if it’s functional. If it’s too dry, you can replace the old battery. I

It can be removed with isopropyl alcohol

First, take the device apart and locate the water damage sticker. You can use the same method as above, but be sure to follow the instructions carefully. The LG G4’s water sensor is sensitive to anywhere between 10 and ninety percent of the phone’s surface area. If you think you may have over-calibrated the sensor, don’t worry; you can change the settings in the Settings menu.

The LG G4 water damage sticker is located in the same location on both the G4 5 devices. Using isopropyl alcohol will also remove the sticker. The alcohol will also remove minerals and calcium deposits. But it won’t remove the LDI sticker if it’s covered under warranty.

It can be dried with a hairdryer or radiator

The LG G4 water damage sticker protects the battery and back cover from moisture, which could cause corrosion and other problems. You can purchase replacement stickers at online electronics retailers.

Be sure to dispose of it properly to prevent further damage. The water sensor sensitivity of this device is between 10 and ninety percent. Don’t worry about over-calibrating the water sensor;

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