How To Make a Logo For Free


A logo is necessary for any company, especially if it is a new business that is just entering the market. There are different ways to design a logo, but some of them are quite expensive. For example, the Turbologo generator does an excellent job of creating a unique logo, while the process is absolutely free. Of course, you can contact a designer, but this option costs a lot of money, and the development itself does not always go quickly. You can create a logo yourself, and we will tell you about the best ways that will help you in this important matter.

Ways to make a logo for free

There are three most popular ways to create a logo yourself, which do not require money:

1. Draw a logo in a professional editor. The method is more suitable for people who understand computer programs. In the absence of experience, you can master basic skills with the help of free lessons on the Internet. This option will require not only time and experience but also initial ideas about how the company’s logo should look.

There are many similar programs, the most common editor is Photoshop. The method is certainly not very easy, but you will get a lot of opportunities in the detailed elaboration of the brand name.

2. Create a logo in the computer program AAA Logo. Such programs differ from standard editors, they have all the necessary tools to create a logo. Here the process will be more in-depth, as there is already a ready-made database of icons and fonts. There are not many ready-made templates here, but there is a starting point for inspiration and ideas here.

3. Develop a logo in the online generator “Turbologo”. This method has many advantages. By specifying the name of the company and the activity itself, the generator will give out a lot of interesting options. The options provided are absolutely unique, thanks to a large database of original fonts and icons, the brand name will not be similar to other competitive logos. The service also has an editor in which you can work out each element in detail.

The advantage in such generators is the speed of creation and interesting ideas that perfectly motivate and inspire. Some specific skills are not required here, the generator does almost all the main part of the work on its own.

How to choose a logo design

It can be difficult to decide on the logo design, it takes a lot of time and nerves. We will share with you a few tips that will make it easier to choose and help you see the most effective option:

1. Carefully study the styles of your competitors, this will help to discard the most unsuccessful options, and decide on the design as a whole.

2. Pay attention to the colors, they should properly influence customers, and cause positive emotions. People also have some associations with the shades that are present in logos. For example, green is associated with nature and life, and blue with medicine or serious organizations. Study the psychology of colors, and you will understand that the color scheme should be chosen not only to your taste.

3. Choose a readable and original font that will be quickly remembered. Do not forget to also focus on the company’s activities, this is also very important.

4. A catchy icon will help the client understand the essence and goals of the business. If you combine icons with text, people’s perception will be much faster. Use a minimum of details that will not distract attention. A large number of elements on the logo will only alienate a potential client, and will affect the reputation of the company.

5. Be original, don’t take the style of other companies, it won’t be interesting. Every entrepreneur has his own characteristics in a service or in a product, try to display these features, and you will see how such a feature will affect brand awareness.


Taking into account these tips, it is not difficult to create a logo yourself, the task will not only simplify, but also save your money. With one look at a good logo, users will understand the purpose of the services. The catchy option will increase awareness in the market among competitors, so you should not immediately give the development into the hands of professionals, because only you know all the subtleties that need to be highlighted through the logo.

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