How to increase the audience on Instagram

In order to make yourself known in your niche, you will need a loyal audience that is ready to listen and perceive you as an authority. The best way to get it today is to promote your personal brand on your Instagram account. Here it is important to avoid the mistake of many who think that millions or tens of millions of subscribers, like stars, will become an indicator of their success.

Therefore, before you start promoting your account, answer the first question for yourself: why do you need such a large audience? Only by answering this question can you be sure that you need to buy Instagram followers. But this is only possible if you recruited this audience in this way and not with the help of bots.

We see these accounts all the time. They are filled with bots, those who signed up by accident or in the wake of the giveaway. There is no activity there or it is as much as that of accounts with 10, 20, 30 thousand loyal audience.

This is the mistake of many bloggers who do not see the difference between effective and destructive methods of promotion. You can fill your account with bots as many times as you like, but this will not bring results.

To get an audience that will really become your fans in the future and will be active, you need to buy real Instagram followers on a dedicated website. 

How to increase the number of subscribers

Have you decided what kind of audience you need? Here are some promotion secrets that are working successfully for most creators in 2022.

Provoke readers to comment and save

The more of them, the better the algorithms will push your content to the top and more people will see it. If everything is more or less clear with the comments, then they still know little about saving. But now it is the most important ranking factor for the platform!

So when planning a post, figure out how to get the reader to save it. For example, give information that will be useful for a long time. Forget about likes. Now the service promotion algorithm almost doesn’t count them.

Forget about the content plan

It is believed that drawing up a content plan for social networks is something that cannot be done without. As the practice of companies and personal brands shows, in 99% of cases, creators abandon it because they are lazy. And the further, the more the plan and what you want to post diverge.

A post that is written on emotions works best. Catch them and write about what is interesting at the moment, give some value, share your opinion. Don’t limit yourself to a strict plan. In order not to get into chaos, divide all posts into categories: about the area where you work, about hobbies, about something else.

Promote through influencers

Look for influencers with live followers (between 5k and 50k). See that there is activity in the account. And ask if you can buy ads. Everything is simple. At the moment when you write a post, advertising in stories works best, so focus on it.

Many creators don’t charge high prices because they don’t have a large audience and don’t think they can charge a lot for ads. Take advantage of this — buy an ad from a blogger in Stories in the format and wait for the growth of a new audience.

Make live streams

They are doing great now too. You can do it yourself or conduct a joint with a person who is known in a field adjacent to you and with whom you have a difference in subscribers of about 2-4 times. So you will get new subscribers from this person for free, and he will get yours. At the same time, you will learn how to confidently work in front of the camera.

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