How to download free Udemy courses? Step by Step guide

The digital world is growing rapidly and drastically in every dimension. If you compare this world with the past world, you will see dramatic changes around you. No doubt, the internet has changed the dimensions of business but it has impacted the learning process too. In this article, we aim to focus on online learning and tell you how to learn from courses for free.

You only have to read this blog till the end and understand all the steps for better outcomes. No doubt, there are hundreds of online platforms from which you can get learned different skills. Udemy is one of the top-ranked platforms in this regard. So, we are here for a discussion about free Udemy courses in detail.

This article will help you in getting an idea of how to learn and download a course on your computer for later use. The only thing you have to do is to keep your focus on this blog and keep reading it.  

What is Udemy?

Udemy is one of the biggest platforms that offer online learning courses (E-learning). It is the best platform for teaching and learning. You can learn new skills here as well as improve your previous skills. It is a paid platform from which you have to purchase every course that you want to learn.

You can enhance the peace of your mind by learning things of your interest. It will help you in learning a skill from scratch as well as improve your previous skills with time. From this platform, you can access more than 150 thousand courses in different fields along with the availability of more than 65 languages.

Why free learning courses?

Everyone has his interest level in specific things. Mostly people like to do something in their free time for fun. Similarly, some people like to enhance their skills by learning different things. But due to hectic and tight routines, they cannot find time or place to do this. As a result, they will lose the money that they have invested in buying a specific course for a specific duration.

Another issue is that not every student is stable enough to buy a course with hundreds of dollars. It means he will not be able to compete with the world in this dimension by learning skills. Are you feeling hard in the learning process? Don’t worry as we have a guide on how to download Free Udemy Courses.  

Sometimes it happens that a student is interested in a subject that is not available in the institute. But that subject is available online and is free. In this way, students find opportunities to fulfill their all learning desires easily.

In this era of the digital world, almost all the courses are easily accessible online. Some websites offer free learning for all in subjects like finance, commerce, information technology or different languages, etc.

The only thing that you have to do is to choose your preferred course from the list on Udemy and find a website to download them. Here are some ways through which you can download free Udemy courses on your device and keep them for later learning too.

How to download free udemy courses?

As we mentioned above, udemy is the biggest platform for online courses. But you will not be able to download any of its courses with the simple method as it does not allow it. So, we are here with a comprehensive overview and guide on how to download Udemy courses for free without paying anyone.

You can download free Udemy courses easily by using any of the following methods. We have found many methods but most of them are just useless because they provide you affected courses. So, we are here with 2 very easy methods that you can adopt.

Ø Direct Download

The easiest method to download free Udemy courses is a direct download. Some websites support a one-click downloading method to get your desired course on your device. For this task, you only have to browse a website and look for the download now button.

It will start downloading a zip file to your device that you can extract to check videos or keep them as it is. You don’t need to sign up for a website or provide your personal details to do this type of downloading.

The process might take a few minutes or hours because you are downloading a heavy file on your device. So, you have to be patient in getting this task to be completed.

Ø Using G-drive

Some websites don’t allow users to download courses and Free Tutorials directly from their devices. There are some reasons like the safety of the users from malware-affected courses. No doubt, free Udemy courses may not have viruses or malware but it is important to take care of your data.

In this way, you will be asked to get the course in your G-drive in a shared format. If the files have some malware, the G-drive will alert you from opening it. But if there is no such issue, you will not be asked to delete or remove it by the cloud-based storage.

So, you can easily open the file in your Google drive and check for the downloading button. By tapping there, you will be able to download the file to your computer for offline learning. All in all, it would be a better way because it will keep you away from any issue or threat. But it takes much time as compared to the above method.

Final saying

It is not wrong to say that it is the time of digital learning and it will continue in the future also. Udemy is the best E-learning platform to learn and be an expert in your desired skill. A free course-providing website helps you to fulfill your dreams without any hurdles. You can make connections with others and learn a lot of things easily and for free.

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