how old is sora in kh3

Unlike the first two movies, which feature older characters, the third movie focuses on a young boy. It will likely take place during the teen years, so Sora will be around 16-17 years old. He probably won’t grow very much and being 18 would be too far back in time. However, this isn’t to say that he won’t get older in the future.


Kingdom Hearts 3: Dream Drop Distance and the first part of the game tell us how old Sora and Riku are. The first part of the game reveals that Sora is 16 years old, and Riku is 17 years old. Depending on the game you’re playing, Sora and Riku might be the same age, or they might be two different characters. Regardless of the age of the characters, they are both quite young.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Dream Drop Distance shows Riku to be about a year older than Sora. Sora’s birthday isn’t known, but Riku’s age is roughly 16 years older. Riku is also taller than Sora, and is considered a typical teen. Kairi is also around Sora’s age, but she’s about an inch shorter than Sora.

After a secret mission, Sora returns to the Mysterious Tower, where he finds Riku, Mickey, and Lea gone on their own missions. He finds Yen Sid, who tells him that he has lost his power when he was captured by Master Xehanort. He advises Sora to visit a hero who regained his strength.

Sora and Riku first meet in the Destiny Islands, where Sora has been a child since the beginning of the game. He and Riku are sent back by Yen Sid before the world falls asleep. The two boys sail on the ocean together, but they are separated by a whirlpool. They eventually arrive at the Sleeping Worlds, where they face their greatest challenge yet: defeating the Heartless. During the adventure, Sora and Riku meet their friends from all over the worlds.

During his journey to The Grid, Sora meets up with other Young Xehanorts and Yen Sid. He tells Sora that someone is crying somewhere. Sora reaches out to the lost heart of Ventus. He has to go back to his slumber, so Ventus asks to be a part of Sora’s heart.


The answer to the question “how old is Sora in the Kingdom Hearts trilogy” is probably sixteen to seventeen years old. He won’t have grown much by this point, so an 18-year-old would be too far ahead. The character is also not that tall, though some sources say that his height is around 160 cm. Nevertheless, it’s still hard to know for sure.

There are several ways to figure out how old Sora is. The answer to this question isn’t obvious, but it is possible to figure it out by looking at the timeline in the game. The age of Sora’s father, Ventus, is not revealed. This is an interesting fact for the sake of the plot. Moreover, the age of Kairi is unknown. In the previous game, Kairi was named after a girl who died in a cave.

In the third installment of the Kingdom Hearts series, Sora and Kairi meet for the first time in the Final World. While they are battling Master Xehanort, they help the other main characters in closing the Kingdom Hearts. The two also go on a journey to see the other guardians, including Roxas and Namine. Sora and Kairi then go to the locations of these guardians, and finally they bring back Namine’s heart to save him.

The main character of the Kingdom Hearts video game series is Sora, who is a male and 18 years old. He excels in logic, cold reading, and calculations. His friend Shiro also has the same skills as Sora. The pair also form the undefeated gaming identity Blank, which uses spaces instead of names. Kairi, like Riku, is Sora’s love interest.


The question is: “What age is Xehanort?” The answer is a little ambiguous, but it’s probably closer to 16 than 18 or 19. In the game, he’s the same age as Sora. In the first episode, Sora is ten years old. During his journey, Xehanort also appears as an illusion. He’s called Sora a hypocrite by many, but he does offer him a way out.

Xehanort is also the father of the main character, Roxas, who is 15 years old. In Kingdom Hearts, his sister, Lea, is 18 years old, and his father, Eraqus, is somewhere between 55 and 60 years old. Aqua is also sixteen years old. The first game in the series, Birth by Sleep, is the earliest chronologically. In this game, Sora is four years old, while in the first game, he’s fourteen.

Sora’s age in Kh3 is probably 16 or 17 years old, and it’s not likely that he’ll grow much by that time. However, if he’s 18 years old, it would feel far away from his current age. In the game, Sora and Roxas both live in the fake Twilight Town for a year. Sora’s age is probably closer to 15 than to sixteen years old, which would be more appropriate.

the game, Xehanort also reveals the existence of a new threat, Master Xehanort. In the game, Xehanort has three hearts inside him: Roxas’ heart and Kairi’s heart. In other words, Sora has the record for the most hearts in one body. And while it isn’t clear how old Xehanort is, we do know that he’s the final chapter of the Dark Seeker/Xehanort saga.

Dream Drop Distance

In the Disney animated feature “The Legend of Zelda: A New Adventure”, Sora and Riku travel to the Sleeping Worlds. During this trip, they encounter the villain Xehanort, who has been displaced from all the vessels of Darkness at least once. While this may seem like a logical step, it isn’t. Xehanort is unable to stop Sora and Riku from reliving their pasts, and Riku’s Dream Drop Distance does not allow him to change the past. In addition, Sora cannot change his dream, and Mickey cannot follow him either.

The game’s hidden ending is not immediately apparent. Players must answer questions asked by Ventus in order to receive the proper ending. In order to access this ending, players must collect five trophies and collect all golden letters during the interactive credits. However, there is a secret ending that requires players to answer Ventus’ questions. This is one of the most difficult ways to complete the game, and will require players to spend some time completing the quest before moving on to the third chapter.

These two scenarios don’t play separately, but rather in a linear fashion. In the meantime, the player must complete one of these two scenarios in order to continue the storyline. This is a great way to reward players for completing the first phase of the game.

His Heroic BSoD means he will have to deal with EVERYTHING inside him, including Xehanort’s soul. In addition to his own internal issues, Sora also must battle with Xehanort’s dream worlds.

Xemnas’ Ethereal Blades

In the first movie, Sora was only six years old. In the sequel, the same question arises. However, this time, Sora is eight years old. It is also unclear how old Sora is.

Saix is a second-in-command of Xemnas. He enters a state of Berserk by absorbing energy from the moon. In both KH2 and defeats Saix. However, he had not yet obtained his full moon powers. Despite his apparent youth, Xemnas was still older than.

The two are very similar in age, and their faces are very similar. Likewise, Sora’s older brother should be twenty-five years old.

Sora is fifteen years old, while Roxas appears to be sixteen years old. The other characters are similar in age. Squall is the same age as Sora, while the Gullwings are about a year older than Xehanort. Despite this, the game’s main villain, Xehanort, is between sixty and seventy years old.

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