How much space do you need between kitchen island and counter?

kitchen island and counter

When you are planning to renovate your kitchen and you want to include an island, you always should consider the space between counter and island. That space determines how much or little storage you will have and where appliances can go. It is important that you come up with a plan before deciding what kind of island will mesh well into your kitchen. Keep reading this article and you’ll find out all the necessary information about this space and you’ll also know where to find the exclusive cabinetry Toronto.

Average space between island and counter

The average space between island and counter depends on different factors. Sometimes the distance has to be short because of the size of a cutout. Sometimes, it can depend on what types of appliances you want to have near the island and how much storage capacity you need. It’s quite possible to make a large island fit in a kitchen that is not wide at all! On the whole, it can be classified into two major factors as follows:

  • Number of people using the island;
  • Special functions of the island.

If you are alone in your kitchen, you need not consider space for other people. However, if you want to use a larger island table for more than one person, space between island and counter becomes very important because you may put a chair next to it.

If your island is only used as additional space to prepare food, you do not need much space between the island and the counter. However, if you want to use it as an eating table to seat more than two people, the distance between the island and the countertop must be considered.

Generally, the maximum space between the island and counter should be around 1.5 meters when the island is used as a prep surface or something similar. If you want to put a chair next to it, ensure that there is enough room for your feet under the table.

Minimum space between island and counter

There is a minimum space between the counter and an island which you should consider when thinking about placing the kitchen island. The space can be as little as you need, but it is best to leave at least 1 meter of extra space in all directions and make sure there’s enough room behind the island for cupboards, appliances, and storage.

If your kitchen is small, it’s okay not to have that much space between the counter and island. It will look okay because of all the beautiful stuff you add on top of the island like potted plants, garden stools, or decorations. Or you can put the island on the rollers, and you will have a convenient mobile option that you can remove from the center of the kitchen at any time when you need additional space.

How to choose the right kitchen island?

When choosing this kitchen compartment, think about what it should be in the near future. It is worth remembering that you can use it as a kitchen or dining table, depending on your plans for the room. An ideal solution for small apartments. In addition, there are benches, where a cook can sit down at one time and work on more than one project without anyone’s help (preparing a meal, preparing certain products).

If you think that kitchen island is what you exactly need for your home, don’t forget to pay attention to some important factors that will influence your decision. A kitchen island can be a big asset to your home, from serving as a dining table to preparing meals. With that in mind, let’s guide you through some of the questions to keep in mind when choosing it. They will help you determine the space between the island and the counter.

  1. What are the main functions of the kitchen island?
  2. How much space would you need?
  3. Do you have a big enough kitchen for the island?
  4. Do you want a solid island or a floating one?

The island has multipurpose furniture. It can be used as a real “workbench”, but also to assemble the plates or serve dishes. Such a kitchen island will be a good choice for those who like to cook and entertain guests.

Since the kitchen island is the heart of any kitchen, it is important to make sure that all the appliances and creating a proper atmosphere are equally taken into consideration when designing the space. Think carefully about all the details when you plan to install the kitchen island as your functionality and comfort will depend on this space.

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