How Many Wedding Invites Will Be Sent Out In 2023

With wedding season in full swing, the rush to plan for the big day has begun. Whether it’s the dress, catering, or booking a venue – there’s no shortage of decisions to make before saying ‘I do’. However, one of the most debated topics when planning a wedding is who should be invited and how many invites need to be sent out. As we look forward to 2023 and all things weddings have in store – let’s explore an important question: How Many Wedding Invites Will Be Sent Out In 2023? Stay tuned as this blog post takes you deep into happy matrimony.

Key Factors on How Many Wedding Invites Will Be Sent Out In 2023

In 2023, weddings can be expected to look very different from any in the past few years. With so many unknowns and changes, it is difficult to predict how many wedding invitations will be sent. That said, there are some key factors to consider when trying to make an educated guess about the number of wedding invites that will be sent out in 2023:

Trends related to save-the-date wedding cards are changing quickly, and their impact on the number of invites sent out in 2023 cannot be understated. The world is becoming increasingly digital, changing how couples plan their weddings and how many people they invite to attend. From destination weddings to eco-friendly ones, modern couples are looking for more meaningful ways to celebrate that don’t always include a large guest list. Invitees will be selected based on what matters most, not on what’s traditional or popular. While it’s impossible to predict exactly how many invites will go out in 2023, today’s trends are setting the stage for a marked decrease in numbers compared to years prior.

The Impact of Social Media on Wedding Invites

As weddings and other special events have become more accessible due to the advent of social media, fewer traditional wedding invitations have been sent out than in past years. Now we are seeing a rise in alternative event invitations, ranging from online save-the-date cards for weddings to baby shower invites solely via email. This trend has made it easier and more cost efficient for couples and event planners to reach more people on their invite list. There are also an increasing variety of ways to customize digital wedding cards with photos or short, heartfelt messages that many guests look forward to receiving.

Regional Differences in Wedding Invite Traditions

With the impressive technological advancements, the wedding invitation and save-the-date card industry is changing more drastically than ever before! In 2023, trends suggest that wedding invitations may be sent out almost exclusively digitally, with an astonishing 75% of couples now sending online baby shower invitations. That being said though, even as technology allows us to share our special moments more quickly and easily than ever, different regions will still adhere to their own set of unspoken “rules” regarding wedding invites. For example, specific states in America will still prefer for families to receive physical copies of the save-the-date cards miles away!

Whether or Not to Include Children on an Invitation List

When deciding whether to include children on an invitation list for a wedding, it is important to consider the couple’s and their families’ preferences. Although attendants may be excited about inviting all the little ones to join them on their special day, sending out save-the-date cards for 2023 can quickly add up – especially if multiple invites will be sent out. During this planning season, couples should remember not to rush into decisions as it is equally important that every invitee has a memorable experience.

The Average Cost of a Wedding Invitation

When planning a wedding, the average cost drastically affects how many guests will be invited. With the ever-rising cost of weddings, couples must consider carefully how to best allocate their budget for this special occasion. As a result, we may see an overall decrease in the number of wedding invites sent out in 2023 from what we have seen years prior. Save-the-date cards will also likely become more popular amongst soon-to-be newlyweds as they may opt for a smaller, more intimate yet memorable gathering without jeopardizing their traditional plans for the special day.

Who Gets Invited

By 2023, we could see a radical shift in how many wedding invites are sent out when it comes to big-day celebrations. For starters, with the popularity of save-the-date wedding cards and more couples opting for more intimate ceremonies, there will likely be fewer out-of-town guests; this means both a decrease in overall invites being sent and an increase in creative ways couples are sending out their nuptial invitations. We’ll also expect to see more couples using alternative digital loading methods to get their message across such as email, Instagram stories, or custom website pages. No matter the method, however, it’s sure to be an exciting time for couples chartering new waters and creating their cherished memories.

Customization Options for Wedding Invitations

With endless customization options in the world of wedding stationery, there’s a high potential for couples to be able to get creative with their special save the date wedding cards. In 2021, personalization of everything from invitation envelopes to font styling is becoming more widely accepted among trend-forward couples wanting to stand out from their peers. As a result, we can anticipate invitations for weddings in 2023 will continue to diverge further and further in designs and colors—which translates directly into an increase in the amount of wedding cards sent out each year. From micro-weddings to destination weddings, every celebration deserves a beautiful sendoff.


Many factors should be considered when predicting the number of wedding invites to expect in 2023. Primarily, trends within the wedding industry will likely affect how many invites are sent out. Social media and technological advancements have drastically changed how couples plan and promote their weddings; more and more people are opting for digital invites over traditional paper ones. The price of receptions, catering, dresses, and tuxes is another factor – with costs continuing to rise significantly, some brides- and grooms-to-be could opt for smaller weddings or cut back on invitations. Regardless, 2023 looks to be an exciting year for weddings with new technological advances allowing couples to plan the most perfect ceremony and reception.

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