How Do Water Zorb Balls Work?

Zorbing is a recreational activity in which you roll downhill in a spherical vehicle. You ride on a special sled that’s attached to a parachute and is filled with air. Your body gets pushed around by the air inside the orb, giving you the sensation of floating. This is a very fun activity for all ages to do in their own backyard! It can be done on land, in water, and in your pool!

Water ball

A water ball or water walking ball is a large inflatable sphere that allows a person inside to walk across the surface of a body of water. The giant ball is usually two meters in diameter and has an entrance that is easy to get into and out of. The water ball has only one layer and is designed for water travel rather than rolling down the hill. The balls are used at swimming pools, marinas, and lakes in the United Kingdom in an effort to keep children fit.

Zorb Ball Design

The design of a zorb ball is pretty straightforward on paper. It’s a single ball wrapped inside a larger ball. There are hundreds of nylon strings used to connect the balls. There is a commercial blower used to inflate the exterior ball.

The tunnel-like tube is used to enter the inner ball. There are balls that have one entrance and others that have two entrances. There is an inflatable that plugs up the entry tubes that can be used to seal off one or both entrances.

If you want to use the water ball on the grass, ice, snow, hills, and almost any other surface, be careful not to get it scratched on the pavement. The water ball can be used in water if it is plugged into a donut. Some water zorbing enthusiasts will put a small amount of water inside the ball to make it more fun.


Budget Zorbs should not be used in temperatures that are below 14 degrees. Standard shouldn’t be used in temperatures that are less than 11 degrees. Although this is debated and is at the discretion of the operators, the commercial grades should not be used in temperatures below 0 degrees. Our guidance is what this is all about. Standard Zorbs have a weight limit of 12 stone and Budget Zorbs have a weight limit of 11 stone.


Zorb balls and any other inflatable must be fully deflated and dry before being put down. Roll up as tightly as possible if the inflatable allows it to. It’s a good idea to put the product in the carrier provided and off ground level to make sure the safe guard is in place. It’s never a good idea to store outdoors or in damp conditions.

Body Bumpers:

It is very easy to inflate the Body Bumpers. Unpack, open the valve cap, connect the blower to the valve, and turn it on. Remove the blower from the valve, replace the valve cap, place the Body Bumper / Body Zorb over the head of the user, and adjust the harness as you please. It is important to note that connecting the blower to the valve will differ from blower to blower. Our Body Bumpers and Body Zorbs come with push-fit blowers. The nipped valve is made of springs. The spring-loaded nipple can be found when the cap has been removed. To keep the valve open, push in the nipple and turn the clock. Turn the nipple to open and close the valve. You don’t have to open or close the valve as the attachment does this for you. Always install the anti-leak cap when inflated or deflated.

If you have any questions about the use and operation of our Zorbs, please do not hesitate to contact us on our website that is Kameymall, and we would be happy to help.

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