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Do you want to give the most effective, efficient, and patient-friendly service? Then it’s time to part ways to paper and switch to online healthcare forms. Healthcare Forms with intelyForms templates might assist you in improving patient satisfaction.

It also enhances your medical office’s efficiency and profitability. To get started, go through the healthcare form templates below. Each of our medical forms is entirely customizable, and they will change the way your healthcare company operates.

What are Healthcare Forms?

Our online healthcare form templates collection can help register new patients and learn about previous medical history.

Our form builder offers a variety of widgets, tools, and themes to help healthcare professionals improve patient interaction. In addition, it helps to better communication between patients and providers to understand patients and their needs better.

Why are healthcare forms necessary?

Healthcare Forms are necessary because it helps to streamline data management and patient Onboarding. In addition, it efficiently expedites new patient Onboarding by integrating your EMR with user-friendly online forms. You may get started with our HIPAA-compliant healthcare form templates.

Simply pick a template, personalize it for your business, and put it on your website. To reduce manual data entry, connect your forms to your EMR system. Integrating online payments can help you improve your patient experience.

HIPAA compliance, e-Signatures, and document generation are all used aspects. In addition, you can improve patient happiness and office productivity with a bit of time using our drag-and-drop form builder.

  1. Ensure security and compliance
  2. Integrate with EMR systems
  3. Streamline Onboarding
  4. Accept online payments

List of some healthcare forms developed by intelyForms:

  • Patient’s registration form:

Patients are registered for procedures offered at medical facilities using patient registration forms. Our free Patient Registration Forms will simplify the registration and Onboarding process by acquiring patient information online.

Whether you’re a hospital, clinic, health center, or private practice, you’ll need to register new patients.

  • Application form:

An online application form collects information from companies and individuals looking for work—businesses, landlords, educational institutions, craft fairs, banks, and other proprietors of application forms.

It’s essential to follow application forms and excellent practices for online forms. You’ll be able to streamline the application process while also lowering applicant errors if you do so.

  • Survey Response Form:

The survey response form is used to collect responses from the survey participants. The survey response options provided in the questionnaire make up the response format.

In basic terms, an online survey response form aids you in gathering responses from your customers/visitors on your products and services. It aids in enhancing your services and the promotion of your brand.

  • Client intake form:

It is a questionnaire that a corporation sends to potential customers. It’s a necessary part of the Onboarding process. The customer intake form includes questions that help the company learn more about the client and assess if their services fit them well.

The client intake form also serves to offer the organization all of the required information to assist them in developing a plan for the client. 

  • Online order form:

Online order forms are paperwork that details product or service requests. These forms can also be used as service request forms, indicating all that must do to complete a service.

The purpose of an order form is to provide information. Therefore, must capture any required information for a purchase or service. It’s also critical that such an order form isn’t time-consuming so that the client may easily and swiftly go through it.

  • Online feedback form:

An online feedback form is a means to gather feedback on your company’s service. The goal is to understand the total customer experience better to identify areas for improvement.

Online feedback forms come in various styles and sizes in online client feedback. Using these forms on your website can help you figure out your clients’ problems, why they aren’t converting, and more.

  • Online health form:

Our online health form templates collection can help register new patients and learn about previous medical history. Our form builder offers a variety of widgets, tools, and themes to help healthcare professionals improve patient interaction.

  • Job application form:

Human Resources experts use a job application form to collect employment applications. It may save time, reduce paperwork, and improve the organization’s recruitment process, giving you more time to focus on finding the most exemplary applicants.

  • Patient satisfaction form:

The patient satisfaction survey forms gauge how well a patient is treated at your medical practice. The phrase “how well” relates to the quality of care provided and a patient’s satisfaction with the treatment received.

  • Online appointment form:

If you rely on email for appointment requests, they might quickly become burdensome. That’s why intelligent organizations use intelyForms easy-to-edit online appointment forms to help their customers schedule appointments.

Our appointment form templates can be customized to match your needs, whether you’re a large organization or run your own business. To encourage people to fill out your form, use the intelyForms builder to add widgets, apps, or themes.

Benefits of healthcare forms:

Paper-based procedures are inefficient and time-consuming. As a result, hospitals are increasingly focusing on a more effective solution is online healthcare forms. Here’s a quick rundown of healthcare products and best practices that help hospitals avoid mistakes and improve productivity.

Fortunately, there are numerous advantages to employing an online intake process for both healthcare organizations and patients, making implementation much easier to handle.

  • Reducing unnecessary expenses:

Expenses that aren’t required are being cut. For example, did you know that paper accounts for up to 3% of your annual revenue? That doesn’t even consider the cost of printing or postage if you mail your forms ahead of time!

These modest expenses pile up quickly. So using digital forms instead of paper forms saves forests and healthcare companies money.

  • Improving accuracy:

When transcribing items like social security numbers, addresses, and other information from a paper form into a computer, errors are bound.

Experts estimate that simple demographic or technical errors account for 61 claim denials. In addition, healthcare firms lose time and money due to manual errors.

  • Protecting the privacy of patients:

Managing protected health information (PHI) is essential for healthcare administration. However, a lot is riding on compliance, reputation, and overall success.

Misuse of data and medical records of patients is considered fraud. Healthcare organizations are responsible for the privacy of patients’ records. A more secure way to manage PHI is to use an online check-in process.

  • Less time consuming:

The value of incorporating technology into your check-in procedure can be a huge lifesaver for their mental health. But unfortunately, one of the critical bottlenecks in every healthcare institution is the check-in process.

Even a few minor setbacks might throw your schedule off for the remainder of the day. Automating the intake process helps alleviate that bottleneck, allowing for better patient flow and relieving the front desk employees of additional responsibilities.

  • Patient experience:

Improving the patient experience is a top priority. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of our healthcare organizations that we forget how unpleasant it is to fill out paperwork for patients.

It not only wastes time in the waiting area (at a time when patients may already be nervous), but it also makes the experience more difficult for patients. Therefore, allowing patients to complete this chore before even leaving the house.


A healthcare form is the best way to collect patient data online without physical contact. intelyForms provides you with all the facilities to maintain all types of data.

In the future, intelyForms will increase their workflow and online forms list with multiple advanced functionalities.


There are many reasons to switch to online healthcare forms, and it is easier for both patients and doctors. In addition, it reduces the time in lengthy procedures. IntelyForms provides you with many forms now and in the upcoming time.

To avail all the facilities, always connect with Intely. To know more about our intelyForms, schedule a demo with our support team.

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