Guatemala’s noticiero carrerero

noticiero carrerero

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Desarrollo de nuevos avances

Guatemala’s President has stated that the redevelopment of the carretero is one of his top priorities. As a result, the government has established a program that will restore the carretera. The project is expected to cost 300 million pesos and involves a 25-kilometer augmentation. The progress of the project is at 90 percent.

The project is a continuation of work that started with the settlers Juan Bermejo and Don Gaspar de Zunica. Among the first people who lived in these communities were the Spanish. It is a great example of the people’s ability to work together to create a better world.

The project will benefit from several international and local organizations. The main beneficiary will be the people of the region. The project will provide employment for local people, especially in areas that are struggling to develop. It will also boost the economic development of rural areas and foster a more peaceful and prosperous society.

The project will also bring a new reality to the towns of Chiapas. It will combine the modernization of the carreteras with the development of local communities. It will help connect the entire state and its towns.

Another project is the carretero Guaymas-Chihuahua. The carretero was developed to close the gap between the states. This road will be a major access to the city and will also facilitate commerce.

Actividades en el mercado

The Secretaria of Transporte is a government agency that manages federal highways and bridges. It is also responsible for providing transportation services. These services are provided in separate phases. During each phase, different activities are performed.

The transport of carga is a vital part of the economy and is used to supply other economic sectors. It is considered a key factor in national productivity and competitiveness. Furthermore, it is important for the development of regions and for the international trade.

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