Greenhouse effect and Global Warming

Our environment is becoming an issue of concern day by day. The changes that it has witnessed since time immemorial have contributed to a different world around us. 

Have you ever imagined how people earlier were able to live even without any fan or air conditioner? The reason for this is the air quality then, which differs immensely from the air quality we have now. 

The development of technology has brought us years ahead of what we could have been had we developed at that pace as earlier. But this development has taken our environment back with the same distance. 

Our environment has suffered immensely at the hands of these technologies. Several Essay Writing Service have clearly stated that the gas emitted from the refrigerators, air conditioners and even the factories and other such by-products of technology, have polluted our atmosphere immensely and led to a rise in the atmospheric temperature. 

These changing phenomena are becoming complex to understand because the consequences are varying day in and out and the reasons are becoming a continuous topic for study in the research paper writings. 

Students are too taught these concepts at basic levels and as they increase their class these concepts start troubling them which makes them go for help in homework

Greenhouse effect is the process of warming up of the earth’s atmosphere because of the presence of certain gasses in the atmosphere. The temperature that we experience right now, was not the same centuries ago. 

Years and years of industrialization and development in technology have slowly and gradually heated up the earth’s atmosphere. What actually happens in the process is that the sun emits rays that reach the earth’s surface, and this energy is radiated back into the atmosphere after earth absorbs a portion of it. 

The greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons and the like, form a layer into the atmosphere that trap these radiations and allow only a certain amount of heat to be radiated back and the rest if trapped within the earth’s atmosphere, thus raising its temperature.

These gases in the atmosphere permit the radiation to reach the earth’s surface but only allow a partial amount to be radiated back. Thus, the temperature of the earth is thirty three degrees warmer than what it should have been earlier. 

These greenhouse gases are largely emitted from the working of factories, from the use of our daily needs and requirements and other such man-made activities. Also burning of fossil fuels, land clearing and agriculture too contribute to the process. 

Fossil fuels release partially burnt carbon monoxide and other harmful greenhouse gases. In fact, air conditioners and refrigerators release CFCs and HCFCs into the atmosphere that contribute to its warming up. 

Stubble burning in the agricultural field too contributes the same to our earth. This along with other processes heat up our atmosphere. 

Global warming refers to a prolonged heating of the earth’s atmosphere because of the greenhouse effect that has come into play because of the emission of the greenhouse gases. Immense and dangerous impacts are left on out Mother Earth due to this process, which are as follows:

  • The most dangerous impact of the greenhouse effect is the depletion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. The ozone layer is in the stratosphere layer of the atmosphere. This layer prevents the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the Sun from reaching the Earth. The release of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere results in its depletion thus these layers are less filtered and reach the Earth. There are several ozone holes too formed in the layer due to these gases. 
  • The radiations that reach the Earth due to the depletion of ozone layer, are harmful to the human skin as well as to other elements on planet earth. People may develop skin infections as well as other problems.
  • The continuous heating of the earth’s atmosphere is resulting in the melting of glaciers and an increase in the sea level in the various water bodies of the world. 
  • We fitness extreme weather events due to this global warming. Extreme heat may result in heat storms and bushfires as well as cyclones and droughts. These events in turn lead to destruction of the habitat of people. 
  • The oceans have absorbed a lot of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and thus are acidifying. 
  • The rising temperatures of the atmosphere also raise the temperature of the sea. 
  • A terrible destruction of the ecosystem is taking place around the world. The temperature rises, the threat of fire increases especially in areas near the equator like South African deserts, and there are several droughts and heat storms that disrupt the normal functioning of the earth. 
  • Several species around the world are on the verge of extinction because of the loss of their habitat due to global warming. For example, the melting of glaciers and the lessening ice cover is destroying the habitat of seals, polar bears and other such species endemic to these areas. 
  • Although the sea level is increasing yet due to the shortage of rains, drinking water is less available. 
  • The areas on the coastline of several continents too suffer, because of the continuous erosion of the coastline. The increasing sea level erodes the coastline. 
  • The heat waves also result in health issues and sometimes even death of people. 
  • The coral reefs in the oceans too suffer a loss of their habitat. The increasing acidity of the water results in coral bleaching and thus a loss of habitat of corals. In fact, in 2016, one third of the Great Barrier Reef was destroyed because of the same event. 

These along with several other factors are the impacts of global warming, that is harming our earth day by day. These were a few basic and easily observable points that students can take into consideration while taking help in homework.

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