GHANAWEB – The Most Popular and Largest Online News Site in Ghana and Africa

GHANAWEB is the most popular and largest online news site in Ghana and Africa. It was launched in 2003 and has since grown to become a community of almost 500,000 registered members. With a wide variety of topics and interests, GHANAWEB is not only about news, but also a social platform that aims to provide a community for its members. Its focus is not just on news, but also on diversity and LGBT+ rights in Ghana.

Oman FM

Among radio and television stations in Ghana, Oman FM holds the dubious distinction of having the most listeners in the Central Region. It is also one of the few commercial radio stations that operate on the dial of a telephone line. Despite its modest audience, the station has managed to come up with several hit series such as the popular and award-winning show ‘Songs of Love’. Currently, Oman FM is broadcasting in both the Central and Eastern regions of the country. Its most prominent features are music and entertainment.

According to MFWA, there are more than a few notable radio and television stations in Ghana, the top dog of which is Oman FM. The station, which is owned by KenCity Group, also operates the ASHH FM in Kumasi, as well as the NET 2 TV channel in Takoradi. The station also boasts of being a major contributor to the economy, by virtue of its close ties to the New Patriotic Party.

LGBT+ rights in Ghana

Earlier this year, the LGBT+ rights movement in Ghana came to a head. Twenty-one activists were arrested and jailed for twenty-two days after they attended an event to advocate for LGBT+ rights in Ghana. They were called the “Ho 21”.

These people were arrested because the government claimed they were “promoting homosexuality.” They were held in jail for an extended period of time without being told their rights. Their lawyers were not able to help them. The government later acquitted them. The LGBT+ community in Ghana is currently battling religious fundamentalists and politicians. They fear the threat that homosexuality poses to the nation’s cultural fabric.

Religious fundamentalists often use homophobic rhetoric. These groups use Christian quotes to justify their anti-LGBT+ stance. The government is also proposing a law to criminalise LGBTQ+ advocacy. The president has said that same sex marriage will never be legal under his tenure.

The LGBT+ community is also a target of physical attacks by the general public. Some members of the LGBT+ community have even been killed. There are few legal experts in Ghana who can help queer people.

Diversity in the news space

Several online news sites have been popping up on the scene over the last several years. A cursory glance at the comment section of a recent article by Atta demonstrates the power of the Web to connect disparate groups of people. The ubiquity of the Internet has also made it easy to engage in a wide range of activities ranging from social networking to a plethora of online games. As such, the Internet is a rich source of information and has become a prime source of entertainment and a new source of civic engagement.

The aforementioned article, which has been referred to as GhanaWeb, is a portal to queer activism in the country. It is no surprise, then, that the site boasts a thriving community, with more than three million unique visitors a month. The site also provides a platform for users to voice their opinions on a wide variety of issues ranging from corruption to ecommerce and everything in between. Among other things, the site has been credited with launching several statewide initiatives. The site is a contested space, however, as evidenced by the proliferation of pro- and anti-homosexual content on the site.

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