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An owner’s dream when starting a business is to earn more revenue and succeed. To become successful and earn more revenue the first step is to choose the correct hosting for your website.

Choose a Dedicated Server Los Angeles where you get more storage space. They have the potential to manage more visitors and give the best results.

On Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in Los Angeles you can host your website. This Server is best for high-traffic websites. Within your budget, they give the greatest results.

When your website is taking more time to load the pages or your site is unavailable. This is a negative impact on users. Visitors dislike your website and the next time they cannot go through your website.

When a website’s loading time is more and they have no potential to handle more traffic this will stop you from growing or earning more revenue.

So choose Los Angeles Dedicated Server from Serverwala to improve their website loading time, manage more and more traffic.

Serverwala gives more Benefits with Dedicated Server Los Angeles at the Best price

Free SSL Certificate

Along with Cheap Dedicated Server, Los Angeles Serverwala provides a free SSL Certificate.

This certificate protects the data on the websites and all-important information shared by the people on your website.

Server Level Management

Serverwala gives 99.90% Server level management. Also, their server cannot get down at any time. They give surety that your website is up to date.

Unlimited Web Hosting

With a Los Angeles Dedicated Server, you can host multiple websites. Serverwala cannot restrict you from hosting multiple websites. Also, they have a right to resell your resources.


Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Los Angeles provides excellent security to its clients. with others, your resources are not shared. You are completely free of any type of risk or threats.

Root SSH Access

In the Dedicated Server, clients have full control of the management and authority over the Server. In the Dedicated Server, you can run big web apps.

What is Los Angeles Dedicated Server?

Best Dedicated Server Los Angeles is used to host your application and website of a sole hosting client.

A Dedicated Server is like a Desktops site that can be used at work or home. A Dedicated server contains the Following elements such as RAM, Storage,  Bandwidth, and network hardware. According to the budget and requirements of your website choose any Dedicated Server plans.

Your website runs smoothly when you choose Los Angeles Dedicated Server.

Buying VS Renting Los Angeles Dedicated Server

Some organizations choose to rent a dedicated server or some choose Buying Dedicated Server. Let’s find out which is the better alternative.

If you choose to rent a dedicated Server the complete management and maintenance are handled by a service provider company. Here in this, there is no requirement of any technical team to handle the Server.

Also, the client does not pay any setup cost or purchasing cost. Also, clients do not pay for changing hardware.

If you choose to buy a dedicated server the complete management and maintenance are handled by the client. The client also pays setup or purchasing costs.  Here there is a requirement for a technical team to handle the server.

After reading out these lines we can conclude that renting a dedicated server is the best. These are less expensive and give more benefits such as there is no setup or purchase cost.

Buying a dedicated server is expensive and in addition, you pay setup or purchase costs.

Features of Los Angeles Dedicated Server

●    Operating System choices

The client has the freedom to choose the operating system after selecting  Dedicated Server. For your business application, you require a specific type of Operating systems such as Linux distributions or Windows Server OS. In some cases, the application you run is not in aggregate with the legacy of OS Version.

●    Server configuration

It’s not only important to choose the operating system another important key requirement is the client has the ability to control over Server. When a client has full control over the server they adjust their plans according to their needs.

Example:- need RDP root access or / full root SSH

●    Hardware choices

 A Best Dedicated Server is expensive because they give a choice of hardware according to the requirements. Choose that hardware that gives high performance or capacity.

Ideally, you have plenty of options such as over the CPU Model, the type of RAM (eg.., DDR3 or DDR4), the size of RAM, Hard Disk type,(HDD or SSD), hard disk capacity, etc.

●    Security

After choosing dedicated Server security is a major factor. A Dedicated Server gives complete security. Clients feel fully free about the security.

Additionally, they have choices to look at web app security, DDOS Protection, intrusion prevention, and viruses prevention. Also, they provide SSL certificates, spam filtering, and Dedicated IP addresses.

●    Server Management

A Los Angeles Dedicated Server gives you Os updates, application installation, or server monitoring. Server monitoring constantly checks your website performance to ensure it remains in top condition and also checks the health of the Server.

●    Technical Support

When your Los Angeles Dedicated Server goes offline you cannot wait more time to solve a problem immediately. After a minimum of time, your problem will be solved by a technical team.

Dedicated vs VPS vs Shared Server: Which is Better

ParametersDedicated ServerVPS SERVERShared Server
Best suitable forA Dedicated Server is suitable for a large type of organization that receives a large amount of traffic.  A VPS Server is suitable for the medium type of organization that receives a medium amount of traffic.A shared server is suitable for a small type of organization that receives a small amount of traffic.
BandwidthA Dedicated Server has a very high Bandwidth.  A VPS Server has medium Bandwidth.A Shared Server has low Bandwidth.
SecurityA Dedicated Server gives a very high level of security.A VPS Server gives a high level of security.  A shared Server gives an Average level of Security.  
Performance  A Dedicated Server gives a high level of performance.VPS Server gives an average level of performance.A Shared Server gives a low level of Security.

After readout this difference you get an answer which Dedicated Server is Best.


Serverwala is the best web hosting provider globally. The Dedicated Servers offered by Serverwala are Secure and reliable. If your budget is low you choose any plan within your budget. Serverwala offers nine plans and packages.

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