Frensham Pond and Common

If you’ve ever wondered where Frensham Pond is, you’ve come to the right place. In 1989, Dr Hugh Lankester opened the ‘new’ changing rooms. These were a welcomed addition for the community and improved the facilities for both new and existing members.

1.7 mile (4,000-step) route

A 1.7 mile (4,000-step) route around the scenic Frensham Pond and Common will keep you in great shape during your next visit. The south east corner of the pond is an undisturbed wildlife refuge. A Victorian mill was once located on the site of the outfall.

Car park

If you’re planning to visit Frensham Great Pond and Common, you might want to know where to park beforehand. The car park at the site is enormous and can get very busy, particularly during peak hours. During lockdown, visitors should consider using an alternative green space. There are also multiple parking options available at Frensham.

Once you have parked, you can enjoy the views and take a walk around the pond. You can take a brisk walk along the water’s edge to see phragmites reeds, bridle paths, birds, and butterflies. To reach the pond from the car park, follow Priory Lane, a narrow lane, which is accessible by car.

Sailing club

The Sailing Club at Frensham Pond has a variety of activities to keep everyone entertained. From afternoon tea to dinner and everything in between, you can sail here with ease. Frensham Pond is also home to the Model Yacht Group. These members race a class of yacht known as the International One Metre. The International One Metre is a lightweight, responsive vessel that is great fun to sail.


If you enjoy fishing, you should consider a trip to the Frensham Great Pond, located in Kent, MA. The fish in this pond are tough, so be prepared for hard work. It is best fished during dusk and dawn when the fish are inactive. The location is not well-known for being a particularly good place to catch a lot of fish, but it is worth a try if you enjoy fishing in a public venue.

There are two ponds on the site – the Great and Little Pond. The Great Pond is managed by the National Trust. The Little Pond is used by the Farnham Angling Society and Frensham Angling Club, and fishing on both ponds is prohibited after 16 June. In the meantime, you can take a dip in the pond to get a feel for how the water is.

Nature sanctuary

Located near Grand Army Plaza and across Central Park South from the Plaza Hotel, the Nature sanctuary at Frensham Pond is one of seven bodies of water in the park. Known for its flora and fauna, it is a popular spot for bird watching, fishing, and picnicking. A beautiful walk around the pond will let you experience the different seasons. The pond is one of the best spots to watch wildlife in Central Park.

Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the hotel offers a spa, heated stone seating, and a calming thermal area. The public areas of the hotel feature glass artwork, including a life-size copper horse and cart. The hotel’s calming atmosphere is guaranteed to calm and relax even the most stressed out guest. You will also find many sculptures in the public areas, including a life-size copper horse and cart.

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