Five Reasons How 3D Animations Can Increase Your Sales

We all want to showcase our product in the best possible manner and nothing fulfils the purpose as effectively as a 3D animation. Yes, you heard me right! 3D Animations are the new fad especially when you want to increase sales. It excites the part of our brain that takes us back to our childhood giving us all the reason to engage, inform and feel entertained. Altogether, our emotional response is what often leads us to make a purchase just because the animation was convincing enough.

Are you a business owner who is also looking for a reason to introduce 3D animation as part of their business? Well here are five reasons that will help you make up your mind for good.

3D Animations Are Mind Captivating

Let me ask you a simple question, what excites you more and might not create boredom for you to walk away from a landing page or a social media post? Does going through a long form article sound interesting or watching a short 2 to 3 minute animation? I am sure you chose the latter. Research indicates that people like to watch animated commercials four times more than going through a blog to learn what a product has to offer. So naturally, when you have a 3D animation on your website landing page, it is more likely going to keep your audience’s attention hooked then any other content.

3D Animations Are Easily Shareable

One of the most ideal channels to promote videos is through platforms such as YouTube & Facebook. We are all well versed on the part that social media holds a significant role in modern day society. Every other person is interconnected with each other and with a variety of brands, all through social media. So when you put up a 3D animation video on one of such platforms associated with your brand, you often see a number of visitors liking & commenting on them. If it’s something that inspires them or sparks their interest, they will also feel inclined to share the content on their personal profiles. The more shares your 3D animation gets, the more exposure your business develops & eventually scores clients.

3D Animation Build Your Brand’s Credibility

Want to build significant credibility of your business among clients (old and new)? Well 3D animations can help you with that. It can help you put your business in front of your target audience as a legitimate one. While 3D animations are engaging and exciting, they are relatively a profitable tool to retain customers in the long run. For instance, a simple “how to” 3D animation will add great value to your brand as one that educates the masses. Besides, putting up informational videos will also help you with showcasing the important features of your product & service. When customers will know your business better, they will be able to make better decisions of purchasing your product/service.

3D Animations Have a High Engagement Rate

3D Animations show a better engagement rate compared to other forms of content that goes up on your website and social platforms. It holds the potential to attract prospective customers by not only showcasing your product’s important features but also helping them understand its value. Sometimes 3D animations are done so perfectly that people can virtually see and test the product just as if it’s present physically in front of them. Having the product virtually in front of them and seeing how it performs is what convinces the customer to take the step of making a purchase from you.

3D Animations Sell Products Around the Clock

Unlike traditional advertising which only runs for a specific period, 3D animations can sell your product 24/7. Let’s say you’re a juice commercial trying to sell your juice through a 3D animated video. Once, you’ve that video up and running on your website and social media platforms, people will automatically feel inclined to visit your store and make a purchase. The animation will keep on running irrespective of time and you will keep engaging the audience as much as they come across your animation. You can also invest a small budget in Facebook advertising or PPC advertising to give them a boost.

Just hire a product animation company and they will put together a marvelous animation for you.

So there you go, these are the five reasons why you should consider investing in 3D animations if you’re concerned about increasing your sales. Did you find this article informative? Do leave a comment.

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