Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve After Sustaining Complications Due to a Surgical Error

Surgical errors can leave you facing devastating consequences. If they result from negligence, you can file a medical malpractice claim to recover compensation for all the damages you have sustained because of a surgical error. A Cohen, Placitella & Roth, PC medical malpractice attorney can explain what you must know about medical malpractice and surgical errors. They can guide you throughout the process to fight for the compensation and justice you deserve. 

Establishing a Medical Malpractice Claim

Medical providers can only be held liable for medical malpractice if you and your attorney can establish certain elements. First, you need to prove there is a doctor-patient relationship at the time the surgical error happened. Also, it is important to establish that the doctor breached the accepted standard care and made the errors. Another element is to establish you were harmed because of the negligence of the doctor and that your injury led to certain damages. 

Kinds of Surgical Errors

Surgical errors can be made during surgical procedures. They can occur due to doctor incompetence, fatigue, incorrect work processed, poor operative planning, and poor communication. The following are the most common kind of surgical errors:

  • Operating on the wrong body party. In this error, you could get unnecessary incisions, which can increase your risk of infections and cause scarring. If the surgeon fails to realize their mistake, they could remove an organ unnecessarily or damage other body parts. 
  • Doing the wrong surgery. Misdiagnosis or miscommunication can cause a surgeon to perform the wrong kind of surgery. Regardless of the cause, this malpractice can cause the patient unnecessary injury. 
  • Making accidental incisions. If a surgeon wrongly marked a body part for a procedure or failed to make the initial incision near the surgical area, you can get unnecessary incisions and scarring.  
  • Using wrong surgical instruments. When a surgeon uses the wrong surgical equipment as they operate on you, you can be at an increased risk of infection and complications such as excessive scarring. Typically, this is possible due to poor planning and training before a procedure.
  • Leaving foreign objects inside your body. When a surgical instrument is left in your body activity during a surgical procedure, you could suffer from pain and other complications. In fact, you will need to get another surgery to recover the object. 
  • Administering inappropriate amounts of anesthesia. This surgical error can lead to your vitals being incorrectly monitored. If your medical professional fails to review your medical history for allergies or potential drug interactions, you can suffer from serious or even deadly medical complications.

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