Felices Fiestas 2020 in El Salvador

For Latin Americans, felices fiestas 2020 translates as “happy holidays.” In both Spanish and English, this greeting is a classic choice for the holiday season. Catholics often use this greeting, as it includes the word “happy” in both languages. But what exactly does “Felices Fiestas” mean?

El Salvador’s New Year’s Eve is subdued and anti-climactic

It is an annual celebration, and this year’s festivities were remarkably quiet. The country is largely under military control, and while this is understandable, some tourists might find the celebration anti-climactic. Fortunately, there is another way to celebrate the New Year.

El Salvador’s Xmas is ecumenical

The celebration of Christmas will take place in El Salvador on December 24. The country will also celebrate the Legion of Liberty, created by General Manuel Jose Arce in 1824. December 25 is a National Holiday, which means people can relax and enjoy their time with their families.

During the holidays, El Salvador celebrates a number of national holidays and festivals. The country closes all government offices and most regular businesses for the day. Most Salvadorans spend the new year visiting tourist attractions. Salvadorans also observe the peace accords with Mexico. On these national holidays, churches, schools, and businesses celebrate peace and end of the civil war. A few local religious festivals and parades are worth celebrating.

Several religious celebrations are held in El Salvador. Patron saint festivities commemorate the Divine Savior of the World. On August 5th, the main religious celebration begins with a procession carrying an image of Jesus Christ through the city. This procession ends at the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Divine Savior of the World. Other activities include the election of the Queen of the festivities and the Commerce parade. The festival is an opportunity to celebrate faith, culture, and heritage.

El Salvador’s Xmas is similar to Merry Christmas

Drinks commonly served are pineapple juice, rum, wine, and hot chocolate. Many of El Salvador’s traditions have their roots in other parts of Central America. It is also customary to celebrate the holiday on Good Friday.

The most common injuries are severe burns, though some are life-threatening. Fireworks are another tradition in El Salvador. Families spend a lot of time setting up nativity scenes and watching them light up. In addition to fireworks, the Salvadorans take their Xmas traditions very seriously. Some spend days putting up nativity scenes, and it’s a sight to see!

In addition to Christmas trees, families gather around nativity scenes.

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