Fashion Guidelines for Summer All Women Should Consider in 2022


During the hot days of summer, you need to make sure that you are picking outfits that not only look great on you but will help you to stay cool and comfortable along the way. While you will need some of the timeless essentials like breezy dresses and shorts and tank tops, there are other great options you can use to look amazing this summer. 

Take the time to go through this list to help you find some of the best outfits, whether you plan to lounge out on the porch in the backyard or go out for a lot of fun. Some of the best fashion guidelines that you can follow this summer include:

Say Yes to the Sparkles

A cool trend that you can enjoy this summer has to do with all of the sparkles. Think about rhinestones, sequins, and all the specialized sparkles that will make it easier for you to be seen from far away. You can do this either on the top or the bottom, or choose a dress that is meant to shine for everyone. 

Go with the Light Colors

Now that the warm months are approaching, it is best if you can choose some lighter colors. Save some of the darker colors for when the cold winter comes back again soon. Lighter colors are awesome because they are going to keep you cooler, repelling some of the heat from you. Plus, wearing these colors gives you more of a summer vibe than dark ones. 

Choose the Natural Makeup


There is nothing worse on those hot days than trying to put on a ton of makeup and ensuring that you still look good when others see you. This is why summer is the perfect time of year to go with light and more natural makeup. Put away the dark shadows, heavy foundation, and black eyeliner because they are not doing any favors to you this summer. 

A better option is for you to bring out some of the neutral colors that help you look good. For example, when choosing a lip balm, you should go with pink, rose, or nude stains. A tinted moisturizer will help the face feel good and a neutral eyeshadow will always look good as well. This is the time to avoid the foundation to avoid the heat even more. 

Go with Flowy

Summer is the best time for you to choose those light fabrics, ones that tend to float in the wind well. To help you get some of the summer vibes you want, go with items that tend to flow, rather than items that are skin tight. Sure, you look great in the latter, but you will feel extra hot during those summer days. 

As you pick out flowy items, you want to go with a material that is made out of the right materials. Options like light cotton, silk, lace, or chiffon are the best. Think of using these materials on everything from dresses, shorts, skirts, rompers, and tops. These will not only look great in the summer but will help you feel great too. 

Consider off the Shoulder Options

The hot weather is the perfect time for you to pick out off-the-shoulder clothing. This should become a staple in your closet that you can pull out each summer. You can even pull it out in the fall and winter, as long as you have a nice jacket to cover up, giving it a new life no matter the season. 

Remember that the dress you pick out here should be light and flowy. You do not want to go in a tight dress during this time. Floral patterns are some of the best to do here, but if you are trying to dress up more for a special occasion, then a solid color is going to be a great option as you style up with an off-the-shoulder dress or top. 

Choosing Jewelry

This is not the year for you to go with large statement jewelry or even things that are more jewel or dark in tone. This summer, it is better to go with the earth tones and something light. This type is going to look nice with some of that flowy clothing that we mentioned above that you should wear. 

What this means is that you need to go with colors like blue, gold, turquoise, pink, brown, and green to name a few. Even something that has more of a bright pattern on it will look very nice too. This can be shared with all of the different items that you choose, such as on your bracelets, necklaces, and earrings as well. 

Another tip here is to keep things minimal with the jewelry that you choose. Rather than filling up with a ton of jewelry all at once, you should look for items that are simple and more dainty so that you can keep the focus on other things. 

Pick the Right Hat 

Another accessory that you should consider when dressing up in 2022 is the hat. The right hat is going to make a big difference in how good you feel, allowing you to look good, get protection from the sun, and feel your very best. 

The best part about this is that there are many different options in hats that you can choose. Some will be big hats and bold while others are smaller for a toned-down look. You will be able to choose the one that will look the best on you and with the outfit that you choose. 

Choosing the Best Summer Styles

While each person will have their personalized styles to enjoy this summer, there are some great fashion guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you look amazing and feel comfortable at the same time. Take a look at some of the fashion guidelines that you should follow for summer 2022. 

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