Examples of the Word “Thir”

The word thir is an archaic form of the word their. While this spelling is obsolete, the term has a wide range of meanings. Its usage is widely varied. Here are some of them. First of all, thir det is the alternate spelling of the word their. It is an old-fashioned way to say their name.

Word that looks like the word

If you know a word that looks like the word thir, it probably means it is a number. That’s why it is common to see thir in Scrabble and other online games. It is a synonym of “three,” which means “third.” However, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, you can check the dictionary’s definition of thir to learn its usage.

Another example is thir, which means “third” or “fourth”. If you’re unfamiliar with it, thir refers to the third letter of the word. It is a particularly common tense when used to describe a high-class person.

Friends, Lexulous

In fact, thir is a very widespread tense, and a key to winning in them is to play as much as you can. It’s a common term in a number of games and you can use it to play them without any difficulties.

The second example is a sentence containing thir, which is similar to the former. In a conversation, thir is the same as ‘thir’ in a business context. The second example is the word “thir.”

Tense used in Scrabble

Despite its name, thir is not a legal word. It is a tense used in Scrabble and Words With Friends. It is also used in other games. For example, thir can be used in a sentence describing the ’emotional state of mind’. It’s a good tense for ‘thir’ in a business setting. This tense is also common in the context of a film.

A word that sounds like a thir isn’t a bad one. It’s just a way of saying “thin” or “thrice”. A thir is the word that is used to express an emotion. In Scrabble, it is a noun that means “thir” in Latin. In a business context, it is a noun. It is a noun that refers to a word.

In a business setting, thir is a noun that has multiple meanings. Its usage is often a part of a sentence in a conversation. For example, thir may mean ‘to ‘be a thing’. It might also be a verb. Similarly, thir is a synonym for ‘to be’. In fact, it’s a word that’s similar to ‘been’.

Common mistake amongst

The word thir is used in many different contexts. It’s a common mistake amongst people who don’t speak the language well. In the context of the language, thir means “to be”. In Scrabble, it’s a synonym for “to be”. It’s a synonym for ‘to be’. In a chess context, thir means ‘to be’.

The word thir means ‘to be’. It means ‘to be’ in a business context. Its meanings can range from ‘to be’ in a business to ‘be’ in a political setting. If thir is a verb, it’s the equivalent of “be”. The plural form of thir is ‘to be’ in the same sense. While it’s not a noun, it is a noun.

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