Essential Questions Small Business Should Ask an SEO Provider


If you are a business owner and someone told you about SEO rankings then I am sure you must be really confused about SEO or how SEO can benefit your business.

Let’s understand it like this,

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of getting traffic by grabbing a good position on Search Engines. It focuses on improving your website’s position in search results. The higher the website is ranking, the more the audience will see it.

Running a small business is an easy thing for everyone to manage. Most small businesses fall drastically in the first year. However, some established businesses may also fall if they do not follow the ongoing trends.

For small businesses marketing is very difficult and only a medium of growth. There are a lot of Digital Marketing Agencies offering Digital Marketing Services in India to help small businesses grow. If your website doesn’t show up on the first page of search results on Google then your customers might not even know that you exist.

In that case, SEO can help you in leading your brand awareness and in generating high profit and sales.

But with so many people claiming to be SEO experts these days, how can you kick out the con men and find a capable SEO partner that’s worth the investment?

There’s good news. Even if you don’t know much or anything about SEO, there are still questions you can ask from an agency that will help you to determine if that agency is worth it for your company or just making promises they can’t keep.

Here are 10 important questions you can ask your SEO consultants:

1.  How will they improve my search engine rankings?

As a small business, you must know the strategies followed by your SEO partner. Some of the best yet common SEO strategies include audits and fixes, local SEO, on-page optimization, page speed, content and mobile optimization, keyword research, link building, etc.

2. Data of current and past clients?

It is always the best idea to get some case history or examples of the same companies that the potential SEO company has helped. This simple question will help you strengthen your belief in that company whether it’s good for you or not.

3. Can you guarantee me a number-1 ranking on Google?

Any agency that confirms you a top spot is lying.

Your SEO Agency should be able to work with you based on your budget, specific strategy, and competition.

Remember, not everything comes with a guarantee.

There are alot of Seo Agency in Delhi that can provide you good services and you can decide upon the expectations you have in terms of results

4. What is their experience at improving local search results?

To know about the experience of your SEO consultant is very important because experience matters a lot when it comes to improving your rank. Even if you are hiring any SEO Agency in Delhi then also you should be doing a proper background check. And to achieve a good rank, a consultant should add your business’s city and state to your website’s title tags and meta descriptions, and get your site listed on Google listings i.e. online directories of businesses.

5. Does your team adhere to the guidelines of Google Webmaster?

You must have a consultant who strictly abides by Google’s publicly posted webmaster, which specifically prohibits 12 common SEO tricks, including automatically generating spam content, adding bogus hidden text and links. If a candidate doesn’t follow those guidelines, your website could be relegated to a low search results ranking. Or, worse yet, Google could ban it from search results at all.

6. How will we communicate and how often?

SEO consultants’ communication styles and customer service standards vary from company to company. You need to find someone whose approach fits your company’s needs. Ask the candidate if he/she prefers to talk in person or via phone, Skype, texting or email. And find out how often he/she reaches out to you with updates.

The reporting quality will completely depend on your budget to some extent and the company you are approaching; however, you will need reports having the visibility of tracked keywords, improvements in the results, work done including links, the work plan for the next month, and so on.

7. What Metrics Do You Think Are Most Important to Measure?

It is important to know which metrics or techniques the company will use to keep track of your marketing success. The important thing here is keyword rankings. Being a small business, you cannot expect much at a time but may focus on the total organic search traffic!

For example, if you are searching for SEO Agency in Delhi, you should see what website is ranking on top so that you can believe that if they have got good position they will help your business alao to grab a good position

8. What’s Your Link-Building Process?

This question is incredibly vital because a poor link-building strategy will not only waste your money and time— it could land you on the wrong end of a manual penalty and a drastic fall into your company.

Ask about their whole SEO Packages in Delhi and discuss such things in detail.

9. How Long Will It Take to See Results?

The best answer any company would say is “I’ll need to check how competitive your niche is, but typically it takes about three to six months to start seeing results.”

As we all know that Rome is not built in a day, everything requires some time.

The simple and basic truth about SEO is that it takes time. It may sound like a prospective SEO company is stalling when they tell you that it may take three to six months to see results, but it needs to be understood that SEO is not some sort of magic. There are measurable metrics at work that need to be looked at to improve your website ranking.

Different niches come with different levels of competition. Some may only take a short time to see results and some that could take significant time to see any returns.

That’s just the nature of SEO — so if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is but it’s a time required process.

10. What happens when we part ways?

When your contract expires or if you terminate it early, you should still maintain ownership and authority of all of the optimized web content you paid the consultant to provide.

You have to make sure that when you part ways, consultants will not change or remove any of the content they added, modified or optimized on your behalf. You also should ask consultants whether they charge any fees for early contract termination and if so, specify them in the contract earlier only.


So before consulting any marketing agency make sure to ask the questions listed above to maximize the profits of this smart digital marketing practice. Just keep in mind that being a small business, you will have to face several challenges but it does not mean you have to compromise with your partner. So, having a reliable and trustworthy partner is a must to achieve your business goals and choose a good agency for SEO Services in Delhi.

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