Erin Colton, a Reporter for News 12 Long Island

While a majority of news consumers still get their information from the newspaper, many people are turning to television for their daily dose of local and national news. Among the most popular media personalities in the world are television reporters. Erin Colton, a reporter with News12 Long Island, was one of the top honorees at the awards ceremony. She is a hardworking journalist who is always on the scene when an important story develops.

News12 Long Island team in 2004

Since joining the News12 Long Island team in 2004, Erin Colton has become a well-known sports anchor. She is a native of Long Island and a former athlete. The show’s coverage of the Olympics helped her win the 2010 New York Emmy Award for Sports Coverage. In addition, she has been nominated for a second New York Emmy, this time for her work on the HBO documentary “Iron Inspiration,” which is about a Long-Island man who was able to overcome his addiction.

Another Long-Island native joined the team in 2004 and quickly became a well-known sports anchor. She’s also a former soccer player and has covered many major sporting events. Her reports on sports and other topics have earned her acclaim from the public and the local media. In 2010 she won a New York Emmy Award for Best Sports Coverage: Regional for her program “Iron Inspiration” on News12 Long Island.

Celebrated sports anchor

As a member of News 12 Long Island, Erin Colton joined the team in 2004. She later became a celebrated sports anchor, with her on-air personality and varied reporting styles. In 2010, she won a New York Emmy for Sports Coverage: Specialty Program for her report “Iron Inspiration” on a Long-Island man’s struggle with addiction. She continues to host her show, Power & Politics, in the morning and evening.

Erin Colton, a Long-Islander, has joined the team of News 12 Long Island as an anchor. Additionally, she covers red-carpet events.

Erin Colton joined the team in 2004 and has been a prominent news anchor on the station. She is a native Long-Islander and is a former athlete. She has won numerous awards, including the New York Emmy for Sports Coverage: Specialty Program. Her work on the station has earned her a coveted award. Currently, she serves as entertainment director at News12 Long Island. She hosts several events for the station and is widely recognized throughout the Long-Islander community.

Entertainment director at News12 Long Island

Erin Colton, an Emmy-winning journalist and entertainment director at News12 Long Island, has been a fixture on the network’s morning show. She is known for her bright on-air presence and her love of animals. Her work has won her numerous awards and she also hosts the weekly “Adopt a Pet” segment. In addition to her role as entertainment director, she also produces news programs on sports and local events.

As the station continues to grow, the News 12 Long Island team has added new faces. In January, the network laid off several longtime employees. For example, Doug Geed will now be a regular anchor for the 10 p.m. newscast. He will continue to anchor the power and politics program. Meanwhile, the weather anchor will be Addison Green, who previously worked at KHOU in Houston. She has also worked at the NBC News in Atlanta and on the local station WABC in the area.

News 12 Long Island made several changes in its staff

In December 2016, News 12 Long Island made several changes in its staff. In the morning, Erin Colton joined the station as a news reporter. She subsequently became an Emmy Award-winning reporter and entertainment director. Her daily segment, “Red Carpet,” features celebrities. Her show features a weekly adopt-a-pet segment featuring shelter animals. As of February 2017, the station plans to add two more full-time staff members to its morning show.

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