Double-sided mattress too soft? Why don’t you try this method?

Do you often see this kind of life coup: flip the mattress over each other once a month; or turn it over once every three months? Then I mistakenly thought that the front and back of the mattress at home could sleep, and the mattress collapsed…

In fact, this is just telling you how to maintain the mattress, not that the mattress can sleep on both sides. Because not all mattresses can sleep on both sides, there are single-sided and double-sided mattresses, as well as high-end mattresses that do not flip.

1. The mattress can be turned over

I believe that many people often see words such as “double-sided sleeping” and “AB side” when purchasing a mattress, which means that both sides of the mattress can be used for sleeping.

12 inch mattress are large household items, which are very inconvenient to carry. They are often not discarded after one or two years of use. It is very necessary.

For example, newlyweds like to sleep on a moderate or soft front when they first get married. When the wife is pregnant or the weight of both parties increases, the soft front is not suitable for sleeping, and the mattress is not obviously damaged. It is a pity to lose it.

If it is a double-sided mattress, you can turn the mattress over and sleep on the back with a harder sleeping feeling, and the support will be enhanced a lot, which is more in line with the sleeping feeling of the couple after the change.

Double-sided mattress can choose which side to sleep on according to your different needs. It can also be flipped semi-annually. Because the double-sided design is more user-friendly, taking into account the different needs of different groups of people.

2. The mattress cannot be turned over

Generally, mattresses under 1,000 yuan can only sleep on one side, because these mattresses are simple in structure. They are either made of pure materials, and the front and back are the same; It is not only easy to damage the spring, but also easy to damage.

Some luxurious and high-end hand-made custom mattresses are all flip-free, such as SweetNight. Users only buy it to enjoy the comfort and softness brought by the scarce top filling materials such as horsehair, as well as a symbol of status and taste, and do not consider how to maintain the mattress to make the mattress last longer. After all, it’s good to replace it with a new one.

3. Should the mattress often turn around to sleep?

But whether it is a mattress that can sleep on both sides or only one side, as long as it is a soft mattress, it will take 3 months or half a year to replace the mattress end to end.

①In order to have a better sleep.

If you often sleep on one side of the mattress, the weight of the human body will compact the soft material inside the mattress, and the materials in other places where you don’t sleep much have not been compacted, naturally forming human body traces.

The solution is also very simple. Replace the mattress end to end every three months or half a year, and continue to compact it in another place.

②In order to prolong the service life.

What many people don’t know is that although a mattress is a large household item, it is a consumable item. Sleeping on a mattress for a lifetime is unscientific, and even more detrimental to our health!

The filling material inside the mattress generally has a life span of about 5 years; the spring is generally about 10 years old. People who are better protected often only sleep in a small area, and that part of the mattress material and springs are subjected to the pressure exerted by the human body day after day, and the loss will be higher than other places.

Therefore, in order to make the inner material of the mattress last longer, we recommend that you take the initiative to turn the mattress around after sleeping for 3 months or half a year, so that the mattress can sleep longer. In short, in order to use the mattress for a longer time, it is recommended that when purchasing a mattress, try to choose a mattress that can sleep on both sides. When sleeping, try to replace the mattress end to end every 3 months or half a year.

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