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The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyrights Act) was put in place to safeguard the rights of content creators in the United States and the World International Property Organization. But many times, DMCA is exploited to bring down legitimate websites. Everyday thousand of abuse complaints are sent to hosting companies that can become challenging for the hosting companies to determine which copyright complaints describe actual illegal activities and which complaints are fake. As a result, many times, the hosting companies take down the content even without verifying its originality of the content.

Fake complaints are submitted to try and exploit hosting providers and are used by competitors and attackers to bring down the whole website. It may shock you that every day, thousands of fake DMCA complaints are sent. You may ask, what is the solution? There is a solution, and the name is WebCare360™. We are a privacy-driven hosting company offering our customers the highest privacy, protection, and secure offshore hosting services. We offer Best DMCA Ignored Hosting, and our services have the following benefits:

  • Anonymous Hosting- With WebCare360™, you will get access to cheap offshore web hosting and anonymous offshore servers that allow you to host content without worry. We ensure that your website is up and running and not taken down by any frivolous complaints. We aim to promote freedom of speech and give the world access to an open and free internet without censorship.
  • Freedom of Speech- As many constitutions across the globe guarantee the freedom of speech to its citizens, we also believe that it is a fundamental right everyone has. In today’s world, large organizations & governments are taking away this right using censorship. WebCare360™ fights against this type of hegemony with offshore hosting solutions & private domain registration.
  • Reliability- The other benefit of using the WebCare360™ offshore web hosting is that we only use branded & high-end hardware. We have the most advanced data centres with rock-solid networks and redundant data servers built for unbeatable reliability and 99.99% uptime. Our service ensures that your website is always up and running no matter what happens in the outside world.
  • Location- Most of our servers are in Ukraine, Sweden, Russia, Netherlands, Poland & Bulgaria, where DMCA rules are not applicable. Our policy is to promote freedom of expression throughout the globe. From the time we began offering our service, our goal was to promote freedom of speech and safeguard people who are advocates of truth.
  • Fast Loading of Websites- Using our offshore web hosting will improve your website’s page load speed. You can host your website in the nearest location to all your visitors so that the page loads quickly, and people can browse your content online. With our hosting services, you get most of the benefits of a dedicated server.
  • Ignore DMCA Copyright Policy- Perhaps the most obvious benefits of using our offshore hosting service are that you get to own a bulletproof dedicated server that makes sure that your website never goes down in case of frivolous DMCA Ignored Hosting complaints. We make sure that your website is always up and running.

Wrapping Up Overlooking DMCA hosting is useful from numerous points of view, while many argue that it is useless. It all boils down to your personal use and preferences. To host a website with censored content, you must go for WebCare360™ Offshore Hosting.

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