Did Joe biden win Just Beat Barack Obama?

Did Joe biden win just beat Barack Obama? Did He Win by a Large Margin? What do the results mean for the presidential race? Is Biden the next Obama? This article will examine how Biden won the popular vote and how his performance was reflected in the Electoral College. We’ll look at how He won in traditionally Democratic and Republican states. Here are three things you need to know. Let’s start with the most basic of details: biden win 51 percent of the popular vote, and he won in a landslide.

Biden won 51 percent of the popular vote

According to exit polls, the percentage of the electorate that voted for Biden was higher than for any other candidate in half a century. In fact, women and men with children were about equal in their preferences. But, the biggest issue for the voters was the economy, safety and crime, racial inequality, and pandemic. With that in mind, it is no wonder that Biden won the election with 51 percent of the popular vote.

In the popular vote, Joe Biden received more than five million votes, nearly double the edge Hillary Clinton had over Biden in 2016. The margin of victory is nearly four percentage points, which is a record. And that number is even higher when you consider the total number of eligible voters. In addition, a larger margin in the popular vote would be the most favorable for Biden, despite his lack of a significant political background or name recognition.

He won a landslide in the Electoral College

It appears that the Electoral College has decided the race for the White House. The early polling numbers indicated that a “blue wave” was not going to materialize in the key battleground state of Florida. As a result, Trump far outperformed polling averages in that state and won by nearly 372,000 votes. At the same time, Biden had focused his final weeks of campaigning on in-person rallies in Florida. Meanwhile, election officials continued to count the massive number of mail-in and early votes, which were heavily Democratic.

Trump’s victory is still being viewed as a landslide, but his victory has been characterized as “decisive” and a “massive landslide” by some. While the popular vote does not determine the president, it does show that Biden received widespread support. As of Thursday, Joe Biden led the national popular vote tally by 7.06 million votes.

He won in traditionally Democratic states

In the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden won in three traditionally Republican states: Virginia, Arizona, and New Hampshire. These states are largely rural, and yet Biden won with a slim margin in each. While Trump won the state of Maine by only three votes, the state was dominated by white voters. As a result, a majority of voters in these states have four-year college degrees, unlike those in Trump’s core states.

Joe Biden’s victory is also a repudiation of President Donald Trump’s divisive leadership. Biden’s victory is a strong response to a nation divided by racial divisions and questions about the Zika virus, which has killed more than 236,000 people. In addition to being the first Black person and South Asian woman to hold a vice presidential position, Harris is also likely to become the highest ranking woman in the government.

He won in traditionally Republican states

In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton won four of the states that are typically considered GOP strongholds. But in the 2020 presidential election, she will have to win these same states over again to gain control of the White House. And while Trump won the majority of the vote in the traditional Republican states, Clinton won a plurality of the votes in a handful of the most crowded battleground states. The reason for the difference? Trump’s underperformance in these states may be a symptom of his shaky performance.

President-elect Donald Trump is a Republican who has polarized our nation with divisive policies. Biden appealed to Americans who have grown weary of Trump’s divisive leadership, and who want a traditional president. That appeal has helped him win Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. While many Democrats have lamented the polarization of the Democratic Party, Biden’s victory is a welcome sign.

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