Diamond Blemishes: Extra Facet

Engagements are a big deal and if you are planning to ask a lady to marry you, you want to have the right diamond engagement ring. Since there are plenty for you to pick from with Rare Carat, you will be getting the selection and the deals that you want. You will have so many choices that you will need to narrow them down and place an order as soon as you can. Then, you can get on with the point of asking her to marry you and of course, they hope that the answer will be yes.

Diamond Blemishes: Extra Facet

An extra facet is a flat and polished part of the diamond. It can occur anywhere on the diamond that you choose. It will You may experience diamond blemishes, an extra facet but it won’t take away from the opulence of the diamond. It will change the look of the diamonds usual facets. Make sure that you also consider getting lab grown diamonds vs. natural diamonds. They are a lot less expensive and they look just the same. You will be impressed with the price and your lady will love you even more when she sees the ring that you are giving to her.

The Greatest Shopping Experience For Diamonds From Rare Carat

Since you will receive the greatest shopping experience for diamonds, you will love that you are going to receive a 100% guarantee on your order. There is also a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer for your pleasure. Saving money is another great reason to shop with them because they have the best deals on diamonds in America.

Customer Service That Can’t Be Beat At Rare Carat

The customer service team is excellent. They have a lot of great advice for you about diamonds. You can ask them any questions that you might have and they will have the answers. They are experts in their field. Make sure that you also let them know if you experience any problems while you are placing your order. They will handle it right away. Making their customers happy is what they love to do and you are really important to them.

Prices That Will Make You Smile From Rare Carat

Great prices are what are in store for you when you shop with Rare Carat. Make sure that you also consider getting the lab grown diamonds because they cost a fraction of what the natural diamonds cost and they look just the same. You will be glad to know that the deliver of your order is free as well as returns and resizing if you need to have it done. All of this makes it awesome to shop with them and you will really appreciate the great pricing that they have. Since they use Al and a team of experts, you will get the best deals possible from jewelers and wholesalers. You will need to make your decision and it will be an easy one for you to do. Saving money is what you will be able to do.


Getting your order on your doorstep from Rare Carat is a great feeling. You will love to see the diamond ring that you have picked for the lady that you love. If you are getting engage or are married and giving her a gift of diamonds, you want to make sure that the time that you spend together is extra special. It will mean a lot to her and you to really do it up right.Take the time to go on the website at your earliest convenience at rarecarat.com. Make sure that you take a look at all of the fabulous choices that you have for the diamonds that will really impress her. There are earrings and pendants that you will want to consider getting also. When you decide to place your order, there is a chat line that can help you through it if you need assistance.

The phone number is 856-720-4858 and the email address is help@rarecarat.com. Make sure that you get comfortable and get ready to shop from your home because you want to buy your diamonds from Rare Carat today. You will get the best prices in the industry so make sure that you visit the website as soon as you can. When you come to rarecarat.com, you will find the best diamonds possible so do so today.

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