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One of the easiest but most utilitarian types of packaging boxes for some retail or capacity items of beauty care products, innovation, arranged dry food and various other commodity companies is Tuck End Boxes. These rectangular boxes ship level and probably have the easiest on-site installation methods done by hand, taking the least amount of time and effort. Utilizing pleats utilizing a grind lock frame, these boxes are made from very good quality materials in required assessments and card stock types and are also given numerous novelty customizations perfect for branding or item shelf advancement. Plus, we offer free shipping, free printing plates, and free cutting on your huge bulk orders.

What type of box is not unlocked by the weight of the product? What types of boxes are used to pack small, strong and light parts of the product? For these purposes, the type of box that is used is called a Kraft reverse-fold end box. Reverse fold end boxes are also known as TEs. One of the important characteristics of these boxes is that they have the property of self-locking.

Custom Inverted Folding End Boxes are specifically designed for transporting small, lightweight product parts. These inverted folding boxes are known for their understated style. The design of this box is the end panels present at the top and bottom that slide in the reverse direction, with the top crease, being present at the rear, while the bottom panel crease is present at the rear. The friction lock closure is present at the top, while a locking slit closure is present at the bottom. With the help of these padlocks. These boxes have become very easy to open and close. It can be assembled in two different ways that are manual and machine. These boxes have the property of self-locking. These boxes are used as inner cartons for packaging. The purpose of this box is more than just protecting the product. Provides stability. These boxes are used in various companies that are beverages, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic.

Reverse Fold End Cardboard Boxes

All industries use these boxes as a product carrier because without these packing boxes it is very difficult to display the products elegantly. Especially the tobacco and cosmetic industries use reverse fold end boxes for most of their products as their style and shape easily adapt to and provide protection to the products. We can also help you design the boxes according to your expectations and demands. Our expert designers have years of experience in the packaging industry and have the right design ideas for your product. The design support service we provide is absolutely free and you can think bigger when designing the boxes.

Reverse fold end boxes specially designed just for you

Aside from the design, we are equally good at printing packing boxes. Colorful images and bright outlines will glorify the perspective of the reversed end boxes and set your product apart from the rest. These reverse fold end boxes can also be printed with your brand logo and slogans that will set your product apart from the competition. In addition, the box can also be used as a gift holder for perfumes and colognes. You can also get these plain white boxes with your company name printed on them to make the box look classy to onlookers.

Reversed white boxes                                   

Reversed Tuck End Boxes is one of the most experienced custom box manufacturers in the United States offering customers state-of-the-art printing and packaging facilities. We have an expert team of designers and agents who guide clients with the best possible design solutions for packaging and printing. Our main objective is to facilitate the business of the manufacturers with the backward tip style so that they can improve their sales. We not only provide many benefits to our customers in terms of special discounts we offer for reverse fold end boxes ordered in bulk. In addition, we provide free shipping service within the United States for reverse-end boxes so you don’t have to worry about purchasing custom boxes. Order us now and receive your boxes right now at your doorstep.

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