Checkers Menu Revealed

Whether you’re craving the classic Chicken Parmesan or the Baconburger, there’s a meal to satisfy your cravings. There are plenty of options on the Checkers menu, from appetizers to desserts.

Spicy chicken sandwich

Whether you are looking to satisfy your lunch cravings or are in the market for a new snack to occupy your time, you will find a few options on the Checkers menu that may catch your eye. Whether you are in the mood for a traditional burger, a hearty sandwich or a mouthwatering seafood plate, you will be sure to find something that fits the bill.

If you are in the mood for something a little more substantial, the Checkers menu includes the Deep-Sea Double Fish Sandwich. This tasty treat consists of two crispy filets, topped with tartar sauce and melted American cheese.

The Checkers menu also includes a selection of medium buffalo wings and garlic parmesan wings. If you’re in the mood for a meaty dish, the Checkers chili dog may be your ticket to tasty grub. Served with mustard and diced red onions, this beefy concoction is not for the faint of heart.

Crispy chicken filet

Whether you’re looking for a healthy sandwich, or just something a bit more satisfying, Checkers has a variety of chicken options to choose from. They offer the standard chicken breast fillet, along with crispy chicken filet, and spicy chicken filet.

While it’s not the healthiest sandwich on the menu, the Checkers Crispy Chicken Fillet is a good choice. It has a lot of flavor and is a good way to lower calories and carbs. It has 41 grams of total carbs and a total of 21 grams of protein. It’s also a good option for those with a limited diet.

Checkers also offers the Triple Crispy Fish, which is a filet of fish coated in crispy batter. It’s served with American cheese, tartar sauce, and lettuce. It’s a bit salty, but a lot of flavor.

Triple Baconzilla burger

Whether you’re craving an old-fashioned burger or a lighter, healthier meal, Checkers has you covered. In fact, it has a full selection of delicious burgers and sandwiches that are sure to please.

If you’re a bacon lover, you’ll love Checkers Baconzilla. This burger has bacon strips stacked on top of its two beef patties. It’s also covered in a savory barbecue sauce.

If you’re looking for a lighter meal, Checkers’ Fish Sandwich is a great choice. It’s low in calories and features perfectly cooked meat. It’s also served with lettuce and American cheese. The best part is that it’s also very filling.

Checkers’ Bacon Roadhouse is another popular burger on their menu. It features two large, hand-seasoned 100% beef hamburger patties topped with two strips of bacon and caramelized onions. The patties are also served on a toasted bakery-style bun.

Funnel cake fries

During the holiday season, Checkers and Rally’s Restaurants have introduced a new product to their menu. This product is called Funnel Cake Fries. These fries are fried sticks of batter that have been sprinkled with powdered sugar. They can also be topped with strawberries and whipped cream. These fries are available for a limited time at participating Checkers locations.

Funnel Cake Fries are available in two varieties, which include plain and loaded. These fries come in a ten piece order. The plain ones are topped only with powdered sugar, while the loaded ones are topped with strawberries and whipped cream. The loaded ones have more calories, but they also contain more carbohydrates. These products are available in participating locations through December.


Whether you are looking for a burger, a shake or a sweet dessert, Checkers has a little something for everyone. They have been serving quality food at affordable prices for over 60 years, and their new Cheese Champ Burger is no exception. Their new menu also includes soft serve ice cream, Monstrella Stix and funnel cake fries.

The Cheesecake Sundae is an excellent choice for a post-dinner dessert. It combines the fanciest ingredients, including a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and a generous scoop of chocolate chips. It is a nice dessert for any day of the week, but it is even better on a hot summer day.

The Checkers Cheesecake Sundae is the best dessert on the menu. It is the best of the best, and it is the most important thing you can eat at a Checkers restaurant.

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