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Get fit with these tips on how to start a fitness blog! .Find out what makes a good fitness blog and why you should create one.

Achieving Balance Between Work and Exercise

Achieving Balance Between Work and Exercise

Balancing work and exercise is essential to having a healthy and productive life. In today’s world, where work can often take precedence over other aspects of life, it is important to make time for exercise to maintain physical and mental…

Using ASR to Increase Active Student Engagement

Active Student

If you’re a teacher, one way to increase your active student count is to enroll more students. However, not all students will enroll in your classes, and students who have the status of ‘not enrolled’ will not count toward your account’s active…

How Do Water Zorb Balls Work?

Zorbing is a recreational activity in which you roll downhill in a spherical vehicle. You ride on a special sled that’s attached to a parachute and is filled with air. Your body gets pushed around by the air inside the…