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Dolores Madrigal

She also protects

Dolores Madrigal is a powerful witch. She possesses special powers that make her an extremely busybody. She also protects her family and reveals secrets. Although she is usually calm and composed, she occasionally has brief emotional breakdowns. Dolores is also known…

How to Survive an Angry Pirate

Angry Pirate

If you have ever been in the company of an angry pirate, you probably want to know the Caribbean way to stop the action. You may also be curious about his Sexual act, the best cocktail to serve him, and the…

Secret Class Manhwa – The Last Chapter Revealed

secret class manwha

In the previous chapter of Secret Class manhwa, fans were worried that June and Jurie’s father were getting together. However, the author reassured them by revealing that Jurie’s father was called to the university by the principal. Daeho and Eunhae…

how old is sora in kh3

how old is sora in kh3

Unlike the first two movies, which feature older characters, the third movie focuses on a young boy. It will likely take place during the teen years, so Sora will be around 16-17 years old. He probably won’t grow very much…