Camel Creek Adventure Park in Wadebridge, Cornwall

If you are looking for a fun adventure park near Wadebridge, Cornwall, then Camel Creek should be at the top of your list. With its 14 mechanical rides and 5D theater, this theme park has something for everyone! You can even go on an animal encounter and see if you can get close to some of the tamer animals! Read on to find out more.

14 mechanical rides

The fourteen mechanical rides at Camel Creek will be closed for the rest of the season until March 24, but the park’s new, hi-tech indoor attractions will make up for that. It will also reopen with most of its popular attractions.

The Park is divided into four zones, including the Dina & Swampy Land for the children. This area has plenty of other attractions for the whole family to enjoy, including the Camel Creek Playhouse, a giant soft play, and the toddler cottage. Camel Creek also has a water balloon area where you can shoot water balloons at other guests. The children will love this section of the park, and you’ll likely get plenty of exercise while they play.

5D simulator theatre

If you’re interested in a thrilling ride, then you should definitely check out the 5D simulator theatre at Camel Creek. The rides are thrilling, but the park also has an indoor soft play area, a giant soft playhouse, and reptiles, bugs, and a crocodile enclosure. For the kids, there are also face-painting workshops and free chocolate creme eggs throughout the Easter weekend. For those who don’t want to ride, they can visit the Animal Attractions area instead.

After the recent renovations, the 5D simulator theatre at Camel Creek is a fun addition to the park’s already impressive lineup of rides. The 5D simulator theatre is one of the newest additions to the park, and is sure to be a hit among visitors. The attraction will host DinoWeek during half term, featuring educational activities for kids as well as a fun experience. The park will also have a new layout, and will introduce new rides gradually.

Swampy and Dina land

If your kids are old enough for rides, they’ll love Swampy and Dina Land, an indoor theme park in Wadebridge, Cornwall. Located near the Toddler’s Village, this park has a five-story flying carousel and more than a dozen mechanical rides for kids of all ages. Besides rides, the park also has a large indoor play area, including the delightful Swampy and Dina Land.

The theme park features an abundance of food and drink options. You’ll find burgers, chicken wings, and other delicious snacks and meals at a number of restaurants. The restaurants range in size and theme, with Kiddie’s Kingdom for the youngest guests and the largest rides. A few of the smaller eateries are located inside the park, including the Play Barn. You can also find picnic tables around the park, some of which are covered.

Animal encounters

One of the best ways to keep the little ones entertained at a theme park is with animal encounters at Camel Creek. With giant play areas and rides for children, this attraction offers a variety of experiences for the entire family. The new Camel Creek app, launched on October 26th, is designed to help visitors plan their day. The app features interactive mapping, push notifications, and location-based messaging. Users can stay up to date about activities, events, and special deals.

The leaflet helps Camel Creek get the word out about its attractions, highlighting its best features. The leaflet also provides key information for visitors, which includes the cost of each activity. This leaflet was a hit and secured a six-month retainer with Bubble. While there is a fee to attend each activity, it is well worth the visit. At this adventure park, visitors are encouraged to plan their visit around the activities.

Indoor play area

The indoor play area at Camel Creek is the largest in Cornwall. You can also visit the restaurant and indulge in a Cornish Coffee or a Cream Tea. There are also special character days and 5D simulator theatres. While some of the venues may require advance bookings, others do not. Parents should check with the venue to confirm any safety issues and the number of children they can accommodate. Also, some areas are closed during certain periods.

One of Cornwall’s largest theme parks, Camel Creek Adventure Park is the perfect day out for kids of all ages. The park is located near Wadebridge, Cornwall, and five miles from Padstow. It covers 111 acres of Cornish countryside and has several rides for families of all ages. Highlights include a giant play area, water flumes, and the UK’s only 5D Super Sim theatre.

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