Businesspally highlights 3 Email Marketing Facts

There was so much talk about email marketing few years ago when social media marketing was about taking the full force.

Some expert marketers believe email marketing is gone, while others believe it’s still very effective even in the modern day marketing.

For you to be successful in email marketing, here are 3 sad truths you’ve not been told.

Email Marketing is NOT FULLY AUTOMATIC

While everyone says email marketing is automated—that once you set it up, you just have to let it go—that’s just not true.

Of course yes, you can write 50 emails and set them up in your email marketing program to give you peace of mind for the next three months. But is this really effectively automated?

If you want to do really effective email marketing, businesspally reiterates that you need to make the results measurable.

For example, you should know how many people clicked a link within your last email outreach.

This is important because it gives you an idea of how active your readers are.

If nobody clicks on your links, your emails will do precious little. But if you have a high CTR (click through rate = link clicked – in relation to – how many times the link is viewed), your email marketing is really effective.

 Simply put, the more someone clicks on your link, the better, says chaktty.

But that’s where it starts. – In order for your conversion results to be meaningful, you need a sufficiently large number of readers. And that’s where most people fail.

While it is true that you can automate some email marketing.

But if you want to do really meaningful email marketing, you have to make as much as possible measurable and test what works – and then keep adjusting the processes – and then it’s over with the “set it up and let it run forever”. “.

You need to be responsive to people and “manage” your email list to be truly effective in email marketing. And that just can’t be automated, says Techpally boss.

So yes, you should build automated email routes, but then don’t hope that you’ll never have to touch them again.

Not everyone confirms Email Address

A significant proportion of readers will not confirm their email address, this is based on the review conducted by businesspally magazine, and there are other corresponding studies on this.

When I say a significant proportion, I mean between 30 and 50%. Yes, so many people will not verify their email address after subscribing to your list.

Of course nobody wants to hear that. But that’s the facts. And it’s good if you know that and work on how to increase the confirmation rate .

Of course, the statements are somewhat general and depend on many factors.

But whatever the percentage of unconfirmed email addresses, your job will be to keep that failure rate as low as possible.

Because under US law, you are not allowed to write to an unconfirmed e-mail address again. And with that, that contact is lost for your email marketing.

Discontinued Interest of Subscribers

An even larger number of subscribers will NOT click on your links in subsequent emails.

Unfortunately, it is not yet done when the person has clicked on the confirmation link. Now what happens when she’s on your email list?

If you immediately write a promotional email to your new reader, the click-through rate for the links in the email will be less than 5%, this is according to Techpally survey.

(Less than 5% will click on your links.) And many readers will unsubscribe right away.

Of course there are people who score higher, but the average is less than 5%. And 5% is already at the high end. 2 or 3% would be a more realistic result.

There are a few other factors at play though, like how old the list is and how you relate to the people on your email list.

Which industry you are in and what perceived value you pass on to your readers in your emails. Are you hitting the right tone of voice, etc.

Basically, you should first build a relationship with your readers before making them any offers.

Give a lot of helpful and valuable information before you sell something and you will be rewarded with a significantly better click-through rate.

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