Bunning Shelves – A Controversial Item on TikTok

Bunning shelving is a controversial item on TikTok, and its users often criticise it. However, we’ve found that bunning shelving is a very useful home storage solution, so why are people so critical of it? Let’s take a look at the debate. Firstly, let’s clarify the purpose of bunning shelving. Essentially, it’s an economical storage solution. People purchase bunning shelving to use in their homes or garages.

TikTok users criticise bunning shelving

A video showing the back of a Bunnings shelving unit has gained over 20,000 views on TikTok. In it, the TikToker crawls inside the store and pans around the back of the shelves. He calls the shelf backs “rat runs” and points out hose reels that are hanging off them. This video has drawn widespread criticism from users on the video sharing platform.

IKEA shelving units

You can use the EXPEDIT component to create various flat surfaces. This way, you can add more shelves as you see fit. Once you’ve built the shelves, you can hang them up in the living room. Alternatively, you can choose to have them nested to create a larger space.

The Kallax unit comes with door inserts, which are easy to install. You’ll need a cordless drill to assemble it. Start by placing it upside down on a soft surface. Mark the legs at least one inch from the front and back edges. Once you’ve marked the legs, you can proceed to put them together. After assembling the Kallax unit, attach the legs. Repeat the process for the rest of the shelves.

IKEA home storage solutions

IKEA has long been one of the best sources for affordable storage solutions. Its Scandinavian-style designs make it ideal for apartment dwellers. Bunning shelving, for example, is perfect for small spaces and can accommodate a variety of items. And, as an added bonus, bunning shelving has drawers with different colors and different sizes. These items can be easily sorted into their proper places, without having to take up too much space.

If you want to build your own shelves, you can buy IKEA components to create a customised system. For instance, you can combine adjustable VIKA KAJ legs with a LACK table to create a speaker stand. The LACK system can be combined with other IKEA components to create a number of flat surfaces. It also features multiple levels of storage, and can be paired with other products such as shelving and cabinets.

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