Body Armor Water Bottle Review

Using a BodyArmor water bottle is an excellent way to stay hydrated. The pH level is nine and the company makes it easy to drink. The bottles come with a two-thirds-full capacity so you can easily fill them up with a glass of water. This product is also very portable. You can use it to take with you when you’re running or playing sports. Its size makes it convenient to carry with you.

BodyArmor failed to meet

When it comes to pH, BodyArmor failed to meet its own promise of an 8.7. Using a pH tester, I confirmed that the water was below eight. TDS, on the other hand, was higher than average for reverse osmosis filtered water. Although BodyArmor claims to contain more potassium and electrolytes than regular bottled water, the company does not specify how many milligrams per liter it contains.

In addition to being a healthy alternative to sports drinks, Body Armor is made from coconut water. The brand uses an alkaline mineral blend that raises the pH of the water. It is different from other sports drinks that are full of artificial flavors, low in potassium and contain little or no nutrients. While most of the sports drinks are full of carbohydrates, BodyArmor contains more electrolytes and vitamins. It has a higher pH than Essentia, which is one of the leading brands.

BodyArmor water contains

In contrast to other brands of sports drinks, BodyArmor water contains no sugar. It contains natural flavorings and a neutral pH level. It also has no preservatives. Unlike other sports drinks, BodyArmor is free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. It can even help you lose weight. However, you need to be aware that the product does contain caffeine. The caffeine content of BodyArmor is high.

BodyArmor contains coconut water and no artificial flavors or colors. It is a great alternative to sports drinks, and is considered to be a better option. Its low sodium level makes it the perfect sports drink for after a workout. And it contains more electrolytes and less sodium than other drinks, making it a great option for anyone trying to reduce their carbon footprint. The company also uses coconut water as an ingredient. It is a healthy alternative to traditional sports beverages.

BodyArmor is a good choice

Besides the benefits of water, BodyArmor is a good choice for those who want to minimize their carbon footprint. Its neutral pH level and caffeine free content makes it a great alternative to other brands. It is also an excellent option for those who are concerned about their health. Its nutritional value is more than double that of other sports drinks. It is a healthy alternative that is also beneficial to the environment. You can feel good about yourself and be green at the same time.

One of the most appealing features of BodyArmor is its taste. Compared to other brands, it has a refreshing taste and is very high in electrolytes. Its ingredients are also low in sodium, so it can be considered a healthier alternative. Despite its lack of sodium, the product is still worth trying. Its benefits outweigh the cons. In fact, it is the most effective sports drink on the market.

Healthier alternative

Among its benefits, BodyArmor water is a healthier alternative to other sports drinks.

In contrast to other sports drinks, BodyArmor is a healthier alternative. It has more electrolytes, less sodium, and coconut water. It is also better for the environment. By choosing a BodyArmor water bottle, you will be less likely to be drinking toxic waters that may harm your body. Furthermore, it does not contain any harmful additives or preservatives. The product’s pH level is higher than that of Essentia and other leading sports drinks.

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