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Blog del Narco is a website that chronicles the violence in Mexico’s drug war. The blog is authored by Lucy Carroll, the author of the book Dying for the Truth: Undercover Inside Mexico’s Drug War. In 2011, she was abducted and tortured. She blames former Mexican president Felipe Calderon for the violence that has resulted from his war against the cartels.

Lucy Carroll is the author of Dying for the Truth: Undercover Inside Mexico’s Drug War

Dying for the Truth: Undercover Inside the Drug War by Lucy Carroll is a journalist’s account of life in Mexico. She has been in the country for three years and has witnessed firsthand the brutality and violence inflicted on the drug-trafficking community. During her time there, she has been repeatedly attacked by computer hackers, but her main worry is being captured or identified. Despite multiple abuses from government forces, Lucy insists it is too early to judge her experiences under the new Pena Nieto administration. However, she has noticed one change, which is the government’s apparent desire to control the media.

Since the former president Felipe Calderon declared “war on the drug cartels” in 2006, the drug war has been escalating and expanding. As a result, the military is now deployed across Mexico in support and counter-organized crime roles. But, despite the military’s involvement, Mexico is losing control of its territory, leading to an increase in impunity.

Franklin lies to his mother about the drugs he’s selling and refuses to cooperate with police. As a result, his mother is angry. Meanwhile, a Colombian named Alejandro approaches Franklin and offers him money to buy cocaine. In the end, Franklin sells his motorcycle to pay off Avi, and eventually decides to quit his drug trade.

In Mexico, the government is perceived as based on patron-client relationships and the influence of wealthy ruling families. The country has a huge underclass and disproportionately high number of unsanctioned saint worshipers. A fraction of these individuals eventually turn into murderers for cartels or gangs.

While some reporters report on a story they were aware of, the author uses a blog to tell the story of what she witnessed. This blog, known as the Blog del Narco, has become a popular resource for the public and the drug cartels. Its uncensored content reveals the reality and the impact of drug cartel violence on the community. As a result, it is essential reading for anyone interested in the Mexican drug war.

During the drug war, the author has seen the brutality firsthand. In 2008, authorities discovered decapitated bodies in Ciudad Juarez, and suspected links were discovered. In 2009, the perpetrators of these crimes burned their victims behind a small Santa Muerte statue or altar.

Her blog chronicles the violence of Mexico’s drug war

In a world where journalists are routinely killed for covering the drug war, one woman has devoted her life to reporting the truth. Lucy Turati, a former journalist, has quit her job and started her own blog chronicling the violence of Mexico’s drug war. Since the blog launched in March 2010, she has received mixed reactions. She’s missed birthdays, Christmases, and dating in the process, but has dedicated herself to telling the truth so that history doesn’t repeat itself.

Lucy started her blog after noticing that Mexican media was no longer reporting the truth about the war. As a result, her posts often contain gory images and exclusive crime scene videos. She says that she had to write the blog to make the world aware of the violence. However, critics say her blog is simply contributing to the spread of fear and terror in the country.

The violence has increased once again in Mexico due to infighting within the Sinaloa Cartel. In fact, El Chapo, the most famous drug trafficker in Mexico, was just one of the many people arrested in recent weeks. This was his third arrest in as many years. El Chapo was a master logistician who developed sophisticated ways to smuggle drugs to the United States and set up wholesale distribution networks all over the United States.

President Zedillo’s aggressive campaign against the drug cartels has had some success, but violence has continued. Despite this, violence has returned to some areas of Mexico that had made progress. In Guerrero, Michoacan, and Tamaulipas, the drug war has been continuing unabated. The government says that more than 28,000 people have died in these areas since the President Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels in 2008.

In recent years, opium poppy cultivation in Mexico has increased. The poppy has long been cultivated in Michoacan and Sinaloa, but it has recently expanded into Guerrero, leading to new turf wars. In Guerrero, the Las Viagras and the JNG are battling over territory and smuggling routes.

Blog Del Narco

She was abducted, tortured and disembowelled in 2011

Blog Del Narco is a Mexican blog focusing on the conflict between drug cartels and the Mexican government. It is visited by over three million people every month and is filled with graphic pictures of abductions and executions. The blog gets its news and footage from multiple sources, including those involved in the drug cartels.

Those who are victims of these crimes are targeted by the criminal organization, and the victim’s family members are targeted as well. In one recent case, a Guatemalan woman was forced to travel to Cancun to gather information. In another case, an American was virtually kidnapped in Cozumel for an Ironman competition.

The perpetrators are suspected to be members of the Zetas drug cartel. The victims are usually attached to crude ‘narco’ banners, and the banners accuse the victims of working with the government or competing cartels. The banners also include the names of several websites and a tip line operated by the Attorney General of Mexico.

She blames former Mexican president Felipe Calderon for the violence created by his war on the cartels

A controversial new blog by an El narco blogger blames former president Felipe Calderon for the violence generated by his war against the cartels. The blog claims that the former president caused the violence by not doing enough to stop the cartels. It also cites a poll showing that 65% of Mexicans have a negative opinion of the former president. A majority of Mexicans say that law and order should come first. But only 26% say that personal freedoms should come first.

The PRI, the government that led the country for 70 years, created an environment that facilitated the expansion of the drug cartels. They were able to do this by fostering an extensive network of corrupt officials and securing distribution rights. But even as the cartels became more powerful, the government remained ineffective and continued its war on the cartels.

The blog’s author, Lucy, claims to have been a journalist before becoming a blogger. Her posts often contain gory images and exclusive crime scene videos. But she says she only began writing her blog because she was tired of the authorities’ denials and the lack of coverage from the Mexican media.

Despite the recent crackdown on Mexican cartels, the Mexican government still faces an enormous challenge. The cartels are largely responsible for the smuggling of illegal drugs into the United States. The United States is the world’s largest consumer of cocaine and other illegal drugs, but Mexico continues to be a major source of these drugs.

Despite Calderon’s war on the cartels, Mexicans continue to have a negative opinion of him. While 62% believe Calderon’s policies have helped the country, 22% said it has worsened the situation.

The blogger believes that the U.S. should continue to work with Mexico to prevent the continued flow of illegal drugs and firearms. It should also continue to help Mexico improve its law enforcement efforts. Rather than blaming America for Mexico’s failings in combating the cartels, the United States should focus on empowering Mexican law enforcement with the best possible tools.

Former Mexican president Felipe Calderon is blamed for the violence caused by his war on the cartels. However, the blogger believes that his war on the cartels was necessary to save the country. In fact, it is necessary to continue the fight against the cartels to make the country safe for citizens.

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