“Bike Carrier Options For Your Car: Which One Is Right For You?”

The type of vehicle you have and the number of bikes you want to carry should be your first considerations when selecting a bike rack for your car.

Reasons To Select A Hitch Bike Rack

If you want to spend time on a forest trail or participate in downhill racing, this category of bike carriers is ideal for families or a group of friends with electric bikes. A hitch bike rack is a great option if you have an electric vehicle that can’t handle a large load on the roof or if you want an extremely aerodynamic solution to reduce fuel consumption. The most popular type of bike carriers are hitch-mounted bike racks, which are a wonderful choice if your automobile currently has a Class 1-5 receiver hitch or if you intend to install one. They may suit a range of frame types and are made to make loading and unloading of bikes quick and simple.

Since it makes no frame contact, the Thule T2 Pro XTR is ideal for e-bikes, fat bikes, and carbon fiber bikes if you require a multipurpose hitch bike rack. Additionally, it tilts so that even with the bikes loaded, you can enter the trunk.

Why You Should Pick A Roof Bike Rack:

This category of bike rack is ideal for cyclists who are riding a road bike or a cross-country bike and heading for the road, MTB trails, or gravel paths.

Fork-mounted or upright roof bike racks are excellent for sedans and smaller SUVs with a lower loading height or car models that do not have a towbar attached, even if these designs call for roof racks on your vehicle. You can make sure that the roof bike rack will have no touch at all with your priceless carbon fiber frame by selecting a fork- or wheel-mounted model.

Size Of Bike Racks

The kind of bike rack you need to buy also depends on how many bikes you intend to transport. You can only transport so many bikes, for instance, because roof bike racks carry bikes on the roof of your car.

·        Two Bike Racks

For two bikes, every form of bike rack is ideal. You can even utilize two roof bike racks if they are lightweight and simple to lift. You might find it helpful to have a bike rack in your car’s trunk for bigger bikes so you don’t have to raise them up so far.

·        3-Bike Stand

There are hitch or towbar bike racks, as well as trunk bike racks, that can support the weight of three bikes being transported.

·        4 Bike Stand

The best solution for carrying four bikes is a 4 bike hitch rack or towbar bike rack. These bike racks can support a lot of weight and occasionally up to five bikes. You can reach your trunk even with the bikes loaded if you have a tilt able bike rack or a rack with swing away technology.

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