Bhoomi Pujan Muhurta 2022 Best day to start house construction in the new year

Indian culture astrology is one of the most developed astrological parts in this whole field of astrology and due to which it is being considered to be one of the most ideal parts to solve different kinds of problems which are being occurred in people’s lives with it. So, in this article of ours, we are going to provide you with different kinds of information related to such an ideal art of Indian cultured astrology which is playing a very important role in each and every fellow’s life and that art is well known as the art of Bhoomi Pujan. It is being known that build own house in your life is one of the most important parts of each and every fellow’s life because this aspect of building your own house is not just anything which can be done by one over and over again due to which it is very important for the first time only you are able to do it correctly due to which in this article we are going to provide you proper way from which you are able to do this art of Bhoomi Pujan more accurately and if you are not comfortable in order to do that than in the end we will also provide you details from where you can take this service of casting an Astrologer.

Methods of doing this art as per astrologer –

•             It should be known by you that you should keep this Puja in the northeast direction of your respected site or house. The place where this great Puja is going to take place should always be clean and clear.

•             If you are the one who is going to take this service of Bhoomi Pujan in your house then you have to take bath in the early morning because, in Indian cultured astrology it is being said that if you are going to do any kind of positive thing in your day than by bathing early in the morning can not just provide you positive thoughts in your mind but, you are also able to feel the positive vibes coming towards you. Due to this thing is considered to be mandatory.

•             The water of Ganga is considered to be such water from which you are able to cleanse each and every kind of thing due to which before starting this Puja you have cleansed it with Ganga water.

•             It is being guided by each and every astrologer that if you are going to do this Puja in your house then the first thing you should check is that your house should not have any kind of Vastu defect because it does not do then it is also possible that it can cause negative effect not just over your life but, each and every fellow’s life who can live there.

•             If you are the fellow who is facing different kinds of problems in order to organize this Puja in your house then it can be suggested to you that you should put the photo of Lord Ganesh in Indian culture it is being known that with the help of grace from lord Ganesh there is no trouble which can be caused to you in the work you are will to go for.

•             The most important other factor is that you should only use lamps which are using the Ghee because on such auspicious moment you should always use such authentic things because those things are having their own different importance in these kinds of Puja.

•             It is being suggested that you should always worship the lord of Snakes before doing this Bhoomi Puja. The Kalash which is being used in this process is used to signify to this whole world. Due to this the Kalash that is going to be placed in this Puja should always be filled with water.

•             Not just only this but, the coconut is also being placed on the top of Kalash and there is also which is being used in order to worship Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi.

•             The most important factor behind this Puja is that the place which is being done on should be free of any kind of negative energies it is being carried and should fill the life of people living there with wealth and prosperity. While you are worshipping the lord of snakes you should also use curd in the process.

So, this was a detailed article regarding the art of Bhoomi Pujan. So, we are hoping that with the help of the above-provided information related to this art of Bhoomi Pujan you are able to know about different ways from which you should cast it. So, still, if you are in need of any kind of astrological assistance then as per our experts you should instantly contact to Astrologer in Anand because he is well known for casting this art in this field of astrology.

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