Best Jungle Resorts Near Bangalore

Bangalore is encircled by the tremendous natural magnificence of the Western Ghats or Nilgiris, which provide a haven for exotic flora and fauna. Various wildlife reserves have been established in the outskirts of Bangalore to protect these unique populations of animals while also raising awareness about their importance in maintaining natural balance. The wildlife resorts established around the reserves are created to serve their responsibility to nature, as the reserves were created to protect it. These environmentally friendly, solid, and charming wildlife homes look absolutely amazing, allowing wildlife aficionados to collect all quality elements to remember in the near future.

The Serai, Kabini

If a holiday in the tranquility of nature renews you from the inside out, you should never sacrifice on the place. And, surprise, Serai Kabini recognises your refined taste so well that it presents its opulent property right on the banks of the Kabini River. The lush green forest that stretches along the river’s edge is an endangered wildlife area where a diverse range of birds and animals congregate without fear. The resort offers two unique types of accommodations: Waterfront Verandah and Waterfront Villa, which add to the allure of being close to nature. The in-house Oma Spa offers one-of-a-kind soul-soothing massages in this woodland. Banglore is around 154 kilometres away.

The Windflower, Bandipur

Bandipur, one of the best wildlife vacation trips from Bangalore, welcomes visitors with breathtaking beauty and a diverse mix of flora and fauna that any wildlife enthusiast would enjoy exploring. And if you are someone who loves nature, plan a trip to Bandipur this vacation, it is recommended to stay at the Windflower. This resort’s accommodations are organised into three kinds to satisfy your needs: Suite, Villa, and Studio. The in-house eatery is designed to serve both healthy and delectable cuisine. Private dining facilities are available if you require additional privacy in your dining room. Banglore is around 218 kilometres away.

The Bison Kabini Resort, Nagarhole

If you prefer the outdoors to everything else, The Bison Kabini Resort will get you a few bonus points in your evaluation. The Bison is one of the few jungle lodges in Nagarhole that has a direct view of the forest. It is a sophisticated African style Tented Campsite with enough conveniences for day to day life. From the Bison’s observation deck, one can easily see elephant herds, gaurs, and even leopards who arrive at random. The tents are also separated into two types: Deluxe Luxury Tents and Rustic Machans. Bangalore is around 228 kilometres distant.

Jungle Hut Resort, Bokkapuram, Masinagudi

Jungle Hut is a beautiful holiday resort in Bangalore at a height of 3000 feet in Bokkapuram, Masinagudi, that allures guests with the temperature of its surroundings. The magnificent views are enhanced by a large number of plants and wildlife, while the warm cottages are specifically designed to fulfil your privacy demands. The delicacies served here are cooked with hand-picked spices grown in the resort’s grounds. The poolside dining area has a calming effect on the psyche. Both the Deluxe and Regular Rooms are built amongst densely planted regions to bring the wild atmosphere alive. Banglore is around 218 kilometres away.

The Kings Sanctuary Jungle Resort, Nagarhole, Mysore

The King Sanctuary, located in the Hunsur Taluk of the Mysore District, is an ideal calm and pollution-free wildlife retreat near Nagarhole National Park. This environment-friendly resort is set on 34 acres of lush meadows and mango orchards, with 24 air-conditioned luxurious rooms and cottages to choose from. The resort also has a swimming pool where you can unwind after a long day on the safari. Banglore is around 176 kilometres away.

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