Bathroom Tiles: How To Decide On The Right Bathroom Tile Design

The task you anticipate being the most pleasurable when deciding to remodel or build a bathroom in your home is selecting the tiles. They will probably be the first thing you notice and set the tone for the entire design and feel of the final area. Of course, given the vast selection, the anticipation of finally selecting your tiles can quickly give way to indecision. Which is better, light or dark? Big or little? Matte or shiny? Smooth and modern or natural and textured? It’s enough to cause stress and anxiety about making the right decisions in place of that delight.

So, do not worry! I’m going to give you some advice today to make CHOOSING THE Bathroom tiles easier.

Selecting Floor Tiles

Your bathroom floor tiles may only serve as a compliment to the focal tile you’ve previously chosen for the room. The most recent trend, though, is to add a little wow factor with a patterned floor if you chose something a little simpler for the walls. With our wood impression floor tiles, you may achieve a bohemian vibe, something a little bolder, or even the appearance of actual wood for the ideal rustic or Scandi finish.

Room Size Compared. Tile Size

Generally speaking, you might want to wait to use any large format tiles in the space if your room is small (as many bathrooms are). Choose tiles that will fit your room’s size, such as mosaic tiles for a very small cloakroom or medium-sized tiles for a bathroom that is between sizes. If you need some assistance in this area, check through our How to Choose The Right Tile Size feature; it’s really quite helpful!

Use Your Creativity To Layout Tiles

Of all, picking a straightforward tile need not be monotonous. By arranging rectangular or metro-style tiles in a creative way, a variety of patterns can be made.

Create Texture

Consider using a tile that is influenced by nature if you want to give your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere. Slate, travertine, natural stone tiles, marble effect tiles, and stone effect tiles will all offer you an appearance that is firmly anchored in nature. Add natural wood tones to these textures to create a soothing and revitalising effect.

Think About The Feel Factor

Remember that you’ll need something that is both cosy for bare feet and has enough grip to prevent slipping if you’re utilising tiles for the shower floor. It is typically a good idea to use small tiles or mosaic tiles in this area because the extra grout lines boost slip resistance without bothering your soles. We have a sizable collection of tiles that are appropriate for wet room flooring installation if you’re thinking about building a wet room.

Think About The Usability Of Finishes

A smooth tile will always be simpler to clean, without a doubt. Consider that you may need to be a little more diligent about a cleaning routine if your tiles are heavily embossed, naturally occurring, have dips and fissures, or are similar materials like pebble tiles. When selecting your tiles, consider your level of commitment to maintaining their aesthetic quality throughout the lifespan of your bathroom.

I hope these suggestions helped you narrow down what might be a very difficult decision!

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