Bangor Fuels Offers Affordable Fuel Options For The Summer Months

Summertime is a busy time for many people. Schools are out, work is starting to pick up, and most importantly, the heat is on. For businesses and residents in Bangor and surrounding areas, this means that it’s important to have affordable fuel options available. That’s where Bangor Fuels comes in. Bangor Fuels offers unleaded gasoline at a meager price—possibly the lowest in the area. They also provide diesel, kerosene, propane, and heating oil. So whether you need fuel for your car, lawn mower, or home heating system, Bangor Fuels has you covered.

Bangor Fuels Offers Affordable Fuel Options For The Summer Months

Bangor Fuels is proud to offer our customers affordable fuel options for the summer months. We have a variety of choices to choose from, including unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel. We also offer a variety of ethanol-based powers, which are perfect for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, we have a variety of pump prices to fit everyone’s budget. If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient way to fuel your car this summer, visit Bangor Fuels today!

Bangor Fuels Provides Alternative Fuel Sources

Bangor Fuels is excited to announce that we now offer alternative fuel sources for the summer months. We have partnered with Maine Energize to provide our customers with various affordable and environmentally friendly fuel options. These include:

-Biomass – This fuel comes from organic materials like wood, straw, and crop residue. It can be processed into heat or power, perfect for vehicles that don’t require high-octane gasoline.

  • Ethanol is made from corn and is one of the most common alternative fuels. It’s also renewable, so it doesn’t create any pollution.
    -Electricity – Bangor Fuels also offers electricity as an affordable option for our customers. This energy source comes from clean sources like solar and wind power. It’s reliable and sustainable, so you can feel good about using it to power your vehicle this summer.

Bangor Fuels Provides Affordable Fuel Options For The Summer Months

Bangor Fuels is proud to offer affordable fuel options for the summer months. We have various options to fit everyone’s needs, including diesel, gasoline, and E85. We also offer a great rewards program that entitles customers to discounts on future purchases. For more information or to locate our station, please visit our website or call us at (207) 947-8986.

Bangor Fuels Offers Alternative Fuel Options

Bangor, Maine, is a city surrounded by rural areas and has had to find ways to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels to combat climate change. Bangor Fuels, a local fuel retailer, offers alternative fuel options for the summer months that are affordable and sustainable.

The store sells gasoline, diesel fuel, and ethanol-powered vehicles. Customers can choose between regular and premium blends of gasoline, and they can also purchase E85 power. The store also sells natural gas, propane, solar panels, batteries, and other environmentally friendly products.

The city of Bangor is working to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels by promoting alternative fuels. This is an important initiative because it helps to fight climate change and reduces our reliance on foreign oil.

What are the alternative fuel sources Bangor Fuels offers?

Bangor Fuels has a variety of affordable fuel options for the summer months. Customers can choose between gasoline, diesel, and propane. All of these fuels are available in both regular and premium grades. Bangor Fuels also offers heating oil, perfect for customers who want to use their energy indoors.


This summer, Bangor Fuels is offering incredible fuel options at an affordable price. With prices starting at just $1.69 per gallon for unleaded gasoline and $2.39 per gallon for diesel, there’s no reason not to get your fill of gas this summer! In addition to great fuel prices, Bangor Fuels also offers a variety of other amenities that make the store perfect for the summertime, including: – Relaxing music in the background – Free WiFi – Conveniently located near all major highways and attractions.

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