Bangalore Travel Guide: Places & Attractions

Grips Go Karting

Grips, one of Bangalore’s most popular Go-Karting destinations, provides a large assortment of karts to pick from. If you’re just getting started, the 6.5 BHP kart is a good choice, while specialists choose the Pro Kart.  It is a high-intensity activity that is ideally suited to racing aficionados. The activity entails driving a Go Kart for a set distance or a set number of laps. This activity will get your heart pounding and will delight you to the maximum by recreating the excitement of car racing on a relatively small scale. The go-kart is available in a variety of sizes and also has a motorless mode. If you’ve never tried go-karting before, the prospect can be intimidating.

Snow City

Snow City is an amusement park in Bangalore’s JC Nagar neighbourhood. The theme park, which is covered with fake snow and abundantly dusted with snowy animal sculptures, toys, and igloos, is a favourite attraction for city dwellers, particularly children. Aside from that, the park features a variety of swings and slides for the kids, as well as a beautiful snow castle.

Quad Biking

Do you get tired of being caught in traffic every day? Take an ATV off the beaten path and let it take you off the beaten path, bringing out the wild rider in you. In Bangalore, there are several opportunities to ride these monster bikes. If you want to go wild on a track, go freely on the off-road tracks near Bangalore, or explore the routes at night. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you don’t wish to pass up. With the help of a firm called Dirt Mania, such rides can be had at Kanakpura Road or nearby Nandi Hills. Depending on the Track, Trail, and length of the ride, these Bike Rides can range anywhere from INR 500 to 5000. Pre-registration is required for Night Trails.


Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a well known destination for its artworks, scientific research on plants, and their conservation. It is located in Bangalore. Hyder Ali commissioned it in 1760, and his successor Tipu Sultan finished it. The Lal Bagh Rock, which is approximately 3000 million years old and a prominent tourist attraction, may be located here.

This botanical garden, which is a photographer’s dream, also includes the famed glass house, which hosts an annual flower exhibit every year, as well as a lake and an aquarium. This garden is home to a variety of birds in addition to being lush with vegetation. Lal Bagh Gardens, located at the city’s southern outskirts, is easily accessible by public transportation including such buses, cabs and auto rickshaws.

Commercial street

Commercial Street, which is located in Bangalore’s Central Business District, is home to a lot of small shops and brand outlets that sell a wide range of products. Commercial Street is among the first shopping places that a newbie to the city is taught about, and it is a one-stop shop for all of your shopping needs as well as weekend entertainment. It goes without saying that it is one among Bangalore’s most famous and visited shopping places. Commercial Street is a shopaholic’s dream because of its bustling environment, which is always buzzing with activity, and the frantic rush of the local market.

The famed Khadi Bhandar on Dispensary Road is the best shop for cotton and Tussar silk fabric metres. Dupatta House on Narayan Pillai Street sells dupattas in a variety of colours and can even tint them. Jewellers Lane includes various shops with an enormous range of fine silver pieces, so silver lovers will not be disappointed. You may also get piercings done here at a considerably lower price and with the added benefit of cleanliness. In addition to local stores, there is an extensive collection of showrooms, including Levi’s, USPA, and others.

Bannerghatta National Park

The Bannerghatta National Park, 22 kilometres from Bangalore, is a haven for a wide range of flora and fauna. This national park, which covers an area of approximately 104.27 square kilometres, was established in 1971. The park itself is home to a multitude of attractions, including the nation’s first butterfly park.

There are also eleven Reserve Forests of the Bangalore Forest Division’s Anekal Range, an aquarium, a zoo, a children’s park, a crocodile farm, a snake park, and a park dedicated to prehistoric animals. Furthermore, a jungle safari, which is a common attraction here, allows you to get up and personal with the incredible wildlife. People are transported in enclosed vehicles (buses/safaris).

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