Badass Cowboy Hats – How To Add More Spark To Your Look?

Since their inception, cowboy hats have been known to give a badass look to men. However, something different about these hats makes them different from others. These cowboy hats’ sturdy design and heavy material give the wearer a bold look. You can add these cowboy hats on almost any clothing style to get that cool dude and badass look from your outfit. However, this sparky look of cowboy hats can now be multiplied by trying something unique and different.

From your outfit styling to adding accessories, you can do so many things to multiply the look of your cowboy hat. You can pair these hats up with formals to get a classic look or try them cargo pants and scarf to get a street-side look; the choice is yours. If you face difficulties getting that badass look with your cowboy hats, then you can try these styling tips for your cowboy hats.


Pairing your cowboy hat with your outfit is one of the easiest ways of giving it a badass look. You can try pairing your cowboy hat with formal wear to get the best out of it. This can be done by pairing it with a dress shirt, formal trousers, and a necktie. Pairing your cowboy hat up with casual wear can also give you that cool look from your outfit. To make this work, you can try pairing them up with jeans along with T-shirts or even hoodies. You can also add some designer scarves or a hat-tie as a cherry on top of your looks.

  • Style

There are so many different styles that you can try out for your cowboy hats to give them a different look altogether. Try different styling, like tucking your cowboy hat inside your shirt or wearing it across your collar. You can also try the reverse style of wearing a necktie under your cowboy hat. You should also try styling them up with bandannas or any other accessory that you think will fit well with the cowboy hats. You can also choose among your cowboy hat’s different styles, colors, and materials to get a new look with your badass cowboy hats.

  • Colors

There are so many shades, colors, and variations in these cowboy hats that you need to keep in mind all of these facts while choosing which one to buy. This is because the color plays a huge role in determining how good it will look on you and what outfit you will be pairing it with. For example, the dark color of this hat looks better on formal wear, while light-colored would suit casual ones best.

  • Accessories

You can use neckties, scarfs, and other accessories to add more sparks to your cowboy hats and match them with your outfits. To give you a rough idea, try using neckties to tuck in your cowboy hat under the collar of your shirt, or try using it as a headband by wearing it across your cowboy hat. You can also use bandannas differently to get that attractive look from your outfit.

  • Wearing Style

There are two ways of wearing these cowboy hats. Some people prefer wearing them folded while others prefer wearing them flat on their heads. You should also experiment with these styles and decide which one you like the most.

  • Consistency

While styling your cowboy hat, one thing to keep in mind is that it should remain consistent on your outfit. You should always wear the same color and shade of cowboy hats and other accessories for them to look good on you. This will help you to get that desired look from your outfit.

Styling your looks with cowboy hats has wide scope for experimenting. If you feel like trying something new with your cowboy hats, then it is best to just do it. You never know which look might work as a strong magnet to attract more eyes towards you. Keep experimenting by adding and throwing new dress pieces with your cowboy hats.

Why Are Cowboy Hats Crucial For Summer Days?

As the name suggests, cowboy hats are specifically designed for those kinds of people who like to spend their days outdoors using horses or vehicles. These hats are crucial for outdoor activities, especially during summer, as we all know that it is quite difficult to handle the heat of summer days in the scorching sun.

So, if you have oily hair and scalp, it’s better to wear some kind of hat as it will help protect your scalp from the sun’s harmful rays. Some people even say that wearing a cowboy hat can give you an aura of confidence and make your personality more attractive by improving your appearance. It can be as simple as just buying a white bandana and tying it around your hair at the back.

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