Anthony Joshua Vs Vitali Usyk – What Happened in the Rematch?

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer. He is the former unified world heavyweight champion. He has also held the WBA, IBF, and WBO titles. In 2015, he won the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles. In 2017, he lost the title to Usyk in a rematch. Read the latest news about Joshua and his career below. Now: What happened in the rematch? Joshua lost the first bout on a split decision. After that, he fires his trainer. And he struggles to connect with Usyk with power punches.

Usyk wins split decision to retain heavyweight world title

Anthony Joshua was not happy with the split decision that gave Usyk the opportunity to reclaim his heavyweight world title. The fight had a capacity of around 10,000 and was played to a much smaller crowd, with over 68,000 spectators turning up to the venue. However, even with the low attendance, Joshua was surrounded by legends, including Naseem Hamed and Roberto Duran.

It was Usyk’s first fight since he lost his title 11 months ago to Joshua. The two fought with the same intensity that was missing from the first bout, with the former champion showing more skill and avoiding Joshua’s body attacks. Joshua earned a split decision over Usyk on two scorecards, but the WBC title remains Usyk’s. Usyk’s rematch with Joshua will be a great test for him to see how much he has improved.

Fury has been an elite fighter for years, but Usyk’s recent run has been a disappointment. He has won twenty of his 27 fights. His recent success has made him one of the best heavyweights pound-for-pound in history. He is in a prime position to fight Tyson Fury for the world title, especially after Fury hinted on social media that he may want to fight again.

Joshua loses to Usyk in rematch

After a tough first fight, Anthony Joshua lost to Vitali Usyk by unanimous decision. The Ukrainian was able to use slick boxing to befuddle Joshua. He even managed to adjust his focus midway through the fight by firing upstairs. But Usyk came back and won the last three rounds. While Joshua tried valiantly to land something special in the final rounds, he couldn’t stop Usyk’s relentless pace.

The first fight between the two was close to a draw, but a win would have been better for Joshua. Usyk dominated Joshua in the first fight, despite being only 24 pounds lighter. Joshua, meanwhile, threw in a lot of heavy punches but never looked vulnerable. Despite the loss, Usyk has cemented his position as the world’s best heavyweight. After all, Joshua’s losses are not a good look for his title.

In a rematch in Saudi Arabia, Anthony Joshua‘s attempt to win the unified heavyweight title fell short. In a split decision, Usyk retained his four heavyweight belts. The two had fought each other in London last year and Usyk retained his titles after the first fight. After a difficult 5 months, Usyk was able to move on to the next fight, and now has a 20-2 record.

Joshua fires trainer

It’s no surprise that boxing superstar Anthony Joshua has fired his trainer, Robert McCracken. The only professional trainer Joshua has ever had, McCracken helped Joshua win Olympic gold in 2012. The controversial move comes as a surprise, but there is one thing for certain: boxing is a business. And as with any other business, money is king. Joshua’s career – and his legacy – depends on his ability to win. After the 2012 Olympics, high expectations were placed on Joshua’s shoulders. Despite his lackluster personality, he had solid skills, a telegenic face, and a muscular body. In other words, he was the ‘total package’.

After months of speculation, Joshua has finally fired his longtime trainer Rob McCracken and replaced him with Robert Garcia. The former world heavyweight champion had spent a month touring different training facilities in the U.S. in search of a new trainer. McCracken was a trainer for Joshua during his entire professional career, and he had worked with him all of his amateur years. Joshua and McCracken also won Olympic gold and two heavyweight world titles together.

Although his former trainer was highly regarded, Joshua fired him for being too critical of the rematch with Usyk. Although Joshua said that he was not overly concerned about the titles, he still believed that preparation was more important. Joshua also revealed that he is now working with Robert Garcia, who is a former trainer of boxing great Angel Fernandez. The new trainer has been praised by Joshua and feels good about Anthony Joshua‘s chances against Usyk.

Joshua struggles to find Usyk with power punches

During the first half of the fight, Anthony Joshua has been coming at Usyk with everything in his arsenal. From in & out movement to smoke & mirrors, Usyk has kept the fight tense. He carries his big size and uses it to drain his opponents’ energy. Despite this, Joshua had a good game plan and is working with single punches in the early rounds.

Anthony Joshua‘s first meeting with Usyk last year ended in a decision loss to Usyk, and this time, he struggled to connect with power punches. Although Usyk was the undisputed champion in his division, Joshua showed some improvement over that fight. He landed a solid attack on Usyk’s body during the eighth round and managed to sustain a decent attack late in the ninth round. However, these moments were too isolated to affect the outcome of the fight. Towards the end of the fight, Usyk responded with a strong 10th round, in which he threw power punches that hurt Joshua’s body.

The second round starts badly for Joshua as the Ukrainian lands a right hand to the face. The veteran boxer recovers from the blow and lands another right, this time on Usyk’s face.

Joshua storms out of ring after defeat

After being knocked out by Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua stormed out of the ring in an irate fashion. He called the WBC champion a thief, and his entourage tried to make him return. The two belts were then thrown into the corner and Joshua was left in tears. The ringside audience was left stunned. However, his supporters stood by him, and he was soon back in the ring.

The fight ended in a split decision for Usyk, and Anthony threw the two world title belts to the floor. It is clear that the loss hurt him and he slammed the belts to the floor. After a team talk, he praised Usyk and stormed out of the ring. However, Usyk refused to back down and has now claimed that he was the stronger fighter.

The British boxer Anthony Joshua has apologised for his post-fight rant. Usyk, a former world champion, beat Joshua in the first fight and he has since won the WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles. Joshua later apologized and agreed to a rematch. The rematch was televised on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and DAZN in over 190 territories.

Joshua’s next fight is not yet determined

It is still unclear what Anthony Joshua‘s next fight will be. The boxer recently split from his long-time trainer Rob McCracken and has yet to decide on a new team. He has also said he will fight on the undercard, which will be Ben Whittaker. We’ll likely see an announcement of his new team in the coming weeks. In the meantime, however, we’ll have to wait and see.

After his rematch loss to Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua must regroup after his third career defeat. While Usyk remains undefeated, he is open to a unification fight with Tyson Fury. Although the two men have different styles, Fury is willing to fight for any straps he can get. During the rematch, Joshua brought in new trainer Robert Garcia and devoted himself to correcting mistakes from the first bout.

While the two have been in contact, they have yet to meet. Although Joshua is not a contender for Fury’s WBC or The Ring title, he is in the hunt for the welterweight belt. He is also a heavyweight and may fight anyone, including Tyson Fury. A rematch between the two would be a big step up for both fighters. If he does decide to fight Fury, it will be a major boost for Joshua’s career.

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