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amiri king

Amiri King was born in Kentucky. He was initially given the name Tony Schork. However, he didn’t like the name at first, and decided to change it after reading some of his favorite poets. His favorite was Amiri Baraka. King had a difficult childhood and left home at age eleven. His mother and father divorced when he was still a child. Despite his success in the music industry, King still has a hard time fitting in with his family.

Tony Donovan Schork

Amiri King was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on July 10, 1979. His father, Tony Donovan Schork, is a mystery. He decided to change his name when he was 18, in honor of Amiri Baraka, a famous poet. Amiri King was also inspired by his favorite poets, Countee Cullen and Amiri Baraka.

Amiri King was born on July 10, 1979, as Tony Donovan Schork. When he was a child, he didn’t like his birth name. He changed it to Amiri King, after being inspired by the poet Amiri Baraka. He had troubled family circumstances growing up and left home at the age of eleven. However, he continued his education and became a popular YouTube personality.

Amiri King has three daughters with his wife, Sara Ruminski. She has had few relationships, but she is happily married. Amiri King’s mother is proud of her son. He lavishes her with love and affection. He has given her an SUV and a mansion, proving that his mother is still very proud of him. Amiri King’s story is inspiring, and her story will help others who are struggling in their lives.

YouTube presence is unmatched

Amiri King’s YouTube presence is unmatched by any other comedian. The comedian’s popularity exploded after the release of her film, and he was able to find his new voice. She is a prolific contributor to the comedy community, and her work as a writer has been appreciated by viewers. She is also an accomplished filmmaker, and has appeared in many independent films. Amiri King and Tony Donovan Schork are two of the most talented comedians in the world.

Both Tony Donovan Schork and Amiti King have a solid net worth. Amiri King’s net worth is estimated to be around $250,000. Amiri King’s net worth consists of her YouTube channel and various other sources of income. She also sells her art and writes comedy content for local comedians. So far, her earnings have been impressive. Amiri King and Tony Donovan Schork are two of the most successful comedians on YouTube.

Amiri King has received several awards. She won the Best Comedian award at the LEO Readers’ Choice Awards, which were subsequently revoked for her support of Donald Trump. In addition to her many accolades, Amiri King’s YouTube channel has received over 300k subscribers. The pair have a growing following of fans, thanks to their hilarious comedy. It’s safe to say that the future of comedy is bright. Amiri King and Tony Donovan Schork are definitely on the right track.

Amiri King grew up in Louisville and was arrested for armed robbery. As a teenager, she escaped her family and became involved in a shady business. After serving her jail time, she pleaded guilty to a lesser crime and served two years. Amiri then went on to share her story with other at-risk youth in her community, sharing the message of positive change with the next generation. Amiri King now works for the city’s homeless shelters, speaking to at-risk youth about the dangers of crime.

Birth name Tony Donovan Schork

Amiri King’s birth name is Tony Donovan Schork. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on July 10, 1979. King hasn’t said much about his father, but he was raised by a single mother named Sharon Brown Colvin. When he was 11, he ran away from home and lived on the streets of Louisville. He swept parking lots and waited for gas station leftovers, and moved from homeless shelter to homeless shelter.

Amiri King was born Tony Donovan Schork, and he changed his name to Amiri King when he turned 18. He took the name Amiri because of his favorite poets, Amiri Baraka and Countee Cullen. He had a troubled childhood, causing him to run away at age eleven. His biological father, who was abusive, abandoned him and left him to live on the streets.

family is beautiful

Amiri King’s family is beautiful, including his mother, who raised him as a single parent. His father passed away when he was a kid, but his mother is still the solid rock in his life. Though Amiri came from a rough home, his mother still lives there with her family.

Amiri King is Christian and Native American. The couple has three daughters together.

Amiri King’s birth name is Tony Donovan Schork. He is a YouTube comedian and writer. His channel has over 302,000 subscribers. He is also a writer for local comedians and a motivational speaker for young people. During the early stages of his career, King has acted as a con man. Amiri King is a YouTube sensation.

Began posting funny videos

Amiri’s YouTube career began in 2007. He began posting funny videos, and soon amassed a fan base. Today, he has a channel with over 794K subscribers. Besides writing for YouTube, he also hosts podcasts and writes content for comedians. His videos have gained international recognition. King has also appeared on Readers Digest three times. His videos on YouTube have more than 218 million views.

Amiri King stands at a height of six feet two inches, or one-and-a-half meters. its has brown hair and black eyes. He has an athletic build. He also has a tattoo on his lower arm and wrist. In 2007, Amiri began posting humorous videos on YouTube. As his YouTube channel grew, his popularity soared. He now has more than eight million subscribers and continues to thrive.

Birth date Tony Donovan Schork

Amiri King was born on July 10, 1979, in Louisville, Kentucky. His real name is Tony Donovan Schork, but he changed it to Amiri King when he was eighteen. Amiri is a Muslim name, which means “peace” in Arabic.

He worked menial jobs and found refuge at homeless shelters. Eventually, he turned to crime, which was part of his life story. His family had no money, and he had to start over from scratch.

Amiri has three daughters. Never publicly spoken about his love life. He has a long-term friendship with fellow YouTuber Peter Shukoff. He also has several published articles about himself, including one in “Readers Digest” that details his time in prison. Amiri has also created artwork and sells it on his online store. He is very active on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Amiri King is a YouTube star who is famous for his comedy. He was once homeless and even convicted of robbery. However, his life has changed dramatically since then. His videos have helped him earn a living through his online business. He also has a family, two daughters, and a large following on social networks. Amiri King is a YouTube sensation, but he has struggled with mental health and ended up in prison.

Amiri King is a famous American YouTuber. His channel has more than 20 million views and has over one million subscribers. Amiri King also collaborates with Peter Shukoff, a fellow YouTuber. The comedian has become famous thanks to his hilarious videos. Amiri King is one of the most popular YouTubers. He is a divorced ex-con and has a successful YouTube career.

Native American

Amiri King is a Christian and a Native American. His father died when he was young and his mother remains his rock. He has always been close to his mother, and he shows his love for her by buying her an SUV and a house for her.

Amiri King had a hard life. His first offense was first-degree robbery at the age of 16. He has gained popularity with his Silverado Parody video and is a YouTube sensation. He has been a YouTube star for quite some time now, and his videos have received millions of views.

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