All You Need to Know About OncoEMR Software

Find out all about OncoEMR Software which is one of the best Oncology EHR software solutions 2022!

Oncoemr Software

OncoEMR is a renowned Electronic Health Record (EMR) system that was created with oncology practitioners in mind. The program is a web-based and cloud-based Oncology EMR that may be used by healthcare practices of all capacities. OncoEMR is a solution for oncology’s unique dose management demands. It is without a doubt the most popular oncology EMR system available through a contemporary software-as-a-service (SaaS) framework.

The Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) is supported by the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Radiology information systems (RIS), labs, Stock Control (IMS), and Practice Management (PM) solutions are all intended to work with OncoEMR., an OncoMed client portal, is also included. Clients could quickly access their health information, pay their fees, and book consultations using this system.

OncoEMR is a web-based solution, which allows healthcare clinics to completely offload traditional IT responsibilities. Installation and maintaining systems, as well as supporting desktop installs and updating the software, are examples of such tasks. The system may be accessed via a web browser, and all medical data, as well as software, is stored in OncoEMR’s data centers. This may be the appropriate solution for you if you are a healthcare practice seeking a superior Electronic Medical Records (EHR) System that has been built specifically for cancer offices.

Top OncoEMR Features

OCM and MIPS Support

With features designed to help your specialty flourish, the system enables a smooth MIPS and Oncology Care Module (OCM). It enables clients to gather data and report quickly in order to enhance value-based treatment. Clients could focus on value rather than volume thanks to the combination of MIP and OCM. It enables them to embrace new payment methods and create exciting changes to improve the level of treatment they provide.

Data Conversion and Analytics Function

OncoEMR has data processing and analytics features that help you organize your data. Prior to turning on the system, Flatiron assists its customers in successfully migrating their EHR databases. Over 145  preloaded statistics are included in the program, which aid users in gaining medical and commercial information such as medicine consumption and unstaged clients.

Claims Management

You will see a significant reduction in the amount of refused claims while utilizing Onco EMR. This is because the program assists you in highlighting claims problems as you enter data. Meanwhile, to avoid the hassle of denied claims, make sure your clients are covered and their plan is valid when they are added into the system. The software also tells you if your insurance covers treatments.

Electronic Prescriptions

SureScripts and Onco EMR Solution work together to give a strong digital prescription capability. You could eliminate the need for clients to visit the facility every time they need a prescription by sending prescriptions straight to each client’s chosen pharmacy instead of using a paper-based prescription pad.

You could send multiple medicines, guarantee no conflicts with existing meds, utilize GPS to identify pharmacies, and save preferred prescriptions and drug stores for each client using Onco EMR’s digital prescription feature.

Remote Access

OncoEMR system is available on a cloud-based system, allowing you to operate even while you are not at your facility. Furthermore, because Onco EMR is web-based, practices that utilize it may totally outsource conventional IT duties like server setup and maintenance, software updates, and desktop setup assistance. The service is instead accessed through a web browser, with all programs and data stored in Onco EMR’s Class 1 data centers.

Mobile App

You could check crucial client data including vitals, blood count, sensitivities, and more with the OncoAir mobile app. You can also design processes and produce institutional reports, as per Onco EMR evaluations. The mobile app also provides a number of useful functions, such as customized medical forms. Explore all of the capabilities of the Onco EMR mobile app during the demo.

Onco EMR Pricing

OncoEMR pricing has not been published by the vendor. However, to know OncoEMR pricing plans, you can schedule an OncoEMR demo.

Top Alternatives of OncoEMR Software

iKnowMed Generation 2

McKesson Specialty Health’s iKnowMed Generation 2 digital medical records system is meant to give oncologists and hematologists cutting-edge Electronic Health Records (EHR) to help with point-of-care documentation and charge capture, hence improving clinical efficiency.

The iKnowMed Generation 2 electronic health records (EHR) system was created with oncologists in mind. It enables for a single-page view of client healthcare information for a rapid review before clients arrive for their scheduled visits. The Oncology EHR system has specialty-specific templates that may be further modified for order sets and encounter records, saving time and reducing errors.


In 1997, CureMD was founded. Its headquarters are in New York, and it is now one of the top suppliers of revolutionary medical services that have transformed the management and medical sides of healthcare institutions of all sizes. CureMD EHR is a comprehensive solution that incorporates electronic health records, practice management, a patient portal, and medical billing. CureMD Oncology EMR allows you to spend more time treating clients while also driving results, productivity, and financial success.


Oncologists are doctors that specialize in cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment with chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy. They are frequently the primary healthcare provider for cancer patients. Oncologists can offer supportive care and work with other doctors to manage therapy.

PrognoCIS is aware of the difficulties that oncologists confront when delivering care and therapy to their patients. As a consequence, our EHR software with practice management solution includes features, functions, and templates (cancer screening biopsies, treatment templates), as well as a simple and quick interface with laboratories for reports, results, and e-prescriptions. There are additional patient education items accessible.

Wrapping up!

OncoEMR is a great software for oncologists. If you are interested in knowing more about the software, you can schedule an OncoEMR demo or read OncoEMR reviews. If you are looking for its alternatives, make sure you check our list out!

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