All you need to know about MIgration Certificate?

In school, college we all heard this term “migration certificate” , a certificate which is required when a student changes his/her university or school and goes from one school to another.

This document is required after completion of 10th or 12th when they tend to change their university to get admission for higher studies. After 10th many students want to pursue a diploma and join any university. At that time, they need this certificate.

Remember one thing, no one will ask for this certificate during the counseling process, but it is asked at the time of taking admission. If students don’t have this certificate, then boards will ask the applicant to get it if the new university is not interconnected with the previous one.

Now, I hope you know what is migration certificate is. It’s time to get the answer of who is responsible for providing this document, how important it is, how to get it offline or online? Everything we will know in detail in this blog.

Who is responsible to provide you the migration certificate?

Now, as we understand what a migration certificate is, we will know who is providing this essentia document. Migration certificate is provided by the school or university in which you are currently studying. The administrator provide you the migration certificate with all the essential documents such as (character certificate, mark sheets, transfer certificate etc.,) Many people got confused between migration and transfer certificate. So, don’t get confused. One is provided when students change their school and a transfer certificate is provided when a student leaves the school.

How important is a migration certificate?

Now, many people raise a question like what will happen if they lose their certificate, can we get admission without this document. Now, the simple answer is NO. Because a migration certificate is an important and mandatory document.  Every school and university has some strict  rules for admission. They required many documents from students at the time of admission such as their marksheets, character certificate, transfer and migration certificate.

In case of missing any document, the school will not be allowed to take admission and they will not proceed with the further formalities. After submitting such documents, school or university authorities take care of these documents. So, in case anyone loses their certificate they have to request again from the school they are currently studying.

If a student lost their certificate then he/she needs to write a letter to school authorities to provide them the certificate.

Hope, you get your answer of the importance of a migration certificate.

How to get a migration certificate online?

Usually, migration certificates are provided by the current school or university. But, as we all know the situation from the last two years we are facing covid issues, lockdown, shut down of school and colleges which allows many universities or boards to provide migration certificates online on their respective sites in PDF format. Because of the technology now students just need to fill out the required information to get their certificate. After completing the form, students can send their scanned documents to respective authorities for their signature.

Steps to download migration certificate online:

Step #1: The issuance of migration certificates is decentralized by the office of council.

Step #2: The school heads can ask for bulk migration certificates to the ICSE board for the students who passed out from 10th or 12th or who are requesting this document.

Step #3: Students have to pay a small fee of Rs. 150 rupees. The fees can be submitted online to the board of council.

Step #4: After getting the certificates, it’s the school authority’s responsibility to keep them safe.

Step#5: School authorities need to make sure that they give certificates to the right candidate.

Step #6: Also, before giving it to students it should be signed by the school senior authorities.

Step #7: Schools also need to maintain a record of unsuccessful distribution of migration certificates.

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