Ailean – A Masculine Gaelic Name For a Baby Boy

The baby boy name Ailean is of Scottish Gaelic origin. The meaning of the name Ailean is “rock”. It is also the gender of a boy. Ailean has the meaning of “courage”. It means “peace”. Despite the masculine spelling, this Scottish Gaelic name has an ethereal quality that makes it a wonderful choice for a baby boy.

Manran has released its second album

The Scottish band Manran has released its second album, URAR (pronounced oo-rar), due out on 22nd October. It features Scottish singer Kim Carnie, guitarist Aidan Moodie, bass guitarist Ross Saunders, and whistle player Ryan Murphy. The name means fresh, which is apt for Ailean, the band’s latest single. It is the perfect name for a little man or woman, who is a bit rebellious.

Ailean is a masculine name from the Scottish Gaelic language. The Scottish inn Ailean Chraggan is a popular choice for a romantic getaway, being within 15 minutes of Castle Menzies, Black Watch Monument, and Wade’s Bridge. Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the comfortable, modern-style rooms.

Scotland and is a modern rendition

Ailean is a popular masculine name in Scotland and is a modern rendition of Alan, a Scottish Gaelic variant. The name means “precious”, and it is similar to Alan, Alwin, and Eilian. The ur-ar sound is a good one-word translation. Ailean is a unique name for a boy. It is not an uncommon first name for a boy.

The spelt of the name translates to “peace” in Old Gaelic, and the Gaelic word for “ailean” is a’really’.

Scottish trad rock band that was formed in 1991

The album, URAR, means “fresh” and is the band’s third album. It’s an apt name for a baby boy. It is a rare name in the United States. It is an unusual first name for a child in Scotland.

The Scottish Gaelic name Ailean is the equivalent of the English Alan. The name was first used in the 11th century by the Breton followers of William the Conqueror. In Aberfeldy, Ailean Chraggan is a cosy inn, surrounded by beautiful nature and rich culture. The hotel serves breakfast for its guests.

The first name of a baby born in Scotland is Ailean. The name is of Old German origin and means “fresh”. Ailean is pronounced similar to the names Alan, Alwyn, and Eilian. The song is quite catchy and has a unique melody.

Scottish Gaelic language

Originally from the Scottish Gaelic language, Ailean is the Scottish equivalent of Alan. It is a Celtic name that was introduced to England by the Breton followers of William the Conqueror in the 11th century. The property serves a complimentary continental breakfast.

Ailean is a popular baby girl name among young girls. She was born in a large family and lost two of her brothers and sisters to cancer. She encourages women to have goals and do something that will make a difference for their children.

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