Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Regarding capturing sound, action cameras aren’t the only tools needed to do it. Several microphones can be added to the camera to improve the audio quality of your video. These include the Rode VideoMic Pro+, Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone, CYNOVA, and Zoom H4n. The following article will introduce the pros and cons of each of these microphones. Find out which one is best for you.

Rode VideoMic Pro+

The Rode VideoMic Pro+ action camera mic attachment has a built-in foam windscreen, a five-millimeter universal jack, and LED indicators for low battery life. Its price makes it one of the most popular action camera microphone attachments. The microphone’s battery life is impressive, coming in at over fifty hours! This is an excellent value for the money, and its convenience makes it ideal for outdoor use.

It uses a 9-volt battery, and its true power LED changes from green to red to let you know when it needs to be replaced. The camera microphone attachment will continue to function for one hour after the battery runs out, but its performance will be diminished. The built-in high-pass filter rolls out low-frequency noise that often comes from familiar sources, while the power switch allows you to adjust the filter to reduce background noise and protect the microphone from overheating.

clarity-enhancing features

The Rode VideoMic Pro+ has multiple clarity-enhancing features. The windscreen and battery compartment make it easy to change the batteries when needed. This mic mount is ideal for both video production and filmmaking.

Action cameras often don’t have the highest audio quality. This can be remedied by purchasing an action camera microphone attachment. There are many brands and models to choose from, some designed specifically for specific models of action cameras. Take your time and choose one that suits your needs, budget, and needs. You can also upgrade your microphone later if the need arises.

Move VXR10 Universal Video Microphone

The Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microwave is a premium video microphone focusing on audio pick-up of the subject in front of the mic. It provides rich bass and clear highs in an impressively wide frequency range. The package includes an updated shock mount and furry windscreen for outdoor recording.

The Movo VXR10-Pro features a battery-free microphone, a tiny footprint, and a windscreen. The unit’s 3.5mm TRS cable is both lightweight and durable. The microphone is also compatible with many different devices. Although some may require an iPhone adapter or a USB Adapter, this device is compatible with most devices. It also comes with two shock mounts, a windscreen, two charging cables, and a carrying case.

VXR10 Pro

The Movo VXR10 Pro is an upgraded version of the original Movo VXR10 and provides superior sound quality. It comes with a Rycote Lyre shock mount, which helps isolate handling noise. The Movo VXR10 PRO’s super-cardioid polar pattern helps to deliver more accurate sounds. The unit is compatible with almost every recording device, including action cameras and DSLRs. The Movo VXR10 PRO is the right choice for busy audio recording.

The Movo VXR10 has a cardioid condenser capsule for capturing high-quality audio. The microphone records 48KHz/16-bit broadcast quality sound, and its aluminum body helps shield it from vibrations. It is compatible with most audio recorders. The Movo VXR10 comes with a 6.5-foot USB cable. The Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone is an excellent choice if you want to capture clear audio with your action camera.


The CYNOVA action camera microphone adapter extends the range of your microphone attachment to 3.5mm, making it compatible with most standard and powered microphones. Its compact design, USB inlet for media transfer, and gold-pleated auxiliary ends provide crisp, clear sound. And, although it is slightly bulky, it won’t add too much weight to your camera. It also works with various action cameras, including DJI’s Osmo.

When deciding which microphone to use with your action camera, consider a few things before buying. First, determine the type of audio jack your camera uses. Most action cameras feature a 3.5mm auxiliary input. Make sure to find one that supports this type of connection. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a separate microphone. This way, you can easily change out the audio jack if necessary.

action camera users

Another excellent option for action camera users is a wire connector. This type of microphone requires a high-quality microphone adapter. The wire connectors are perfect for inexpensive action cameras. They reduce the amount of power required and maintain the quality of the video. Action cameras are often compatible with OEM microphone attachments. Make sure you purchase one designed for your camera. Finding a microphone adapter made explicitly for your camera may be difficult, but most brands have their own.

Most action camera microphone attachments use a USB Type-C connection. They work with popular action While most of these attachments are wireless, some come with a long cord. Make sure you cut the cord short if you plan to shoot from a distance. Using a wireless external microphone is also an option.

Zoom H4n

You’ll first have to format the SD card to use the Zoom H4n action camera microphone attachment. The camera’s memory card slot only recognizes SD cards with a capacity of 32GB. If you’re not sure which SD card you need to use, check the Zoom H4n manual. Note: Formatting the card will wipe all your camera’s data, so be sure to back up any important files before doing so.

This microphone is a good choice if you don’t want to spend much on a separate external microphone. Zoom H4n comes with a translucent plastic dust bag, dedicated Zoom AD-14 AC adapter, mic clip adapter, Steinberg Cubase LE4 audio software, and RC-4 wired remote control. This model can record four separate audio channels. The microphone has two cardioid capsules and two XLR or 1/4-inch combo jacks to record dialogue.

Hot Shoe to 1/4-inch Adapter

Another affordable option is the Fotasy Hot Shoe to 1/4-inch Adapter. It has received good reviews and comes with two adapters, a spare and a second. The Zoom H4n action camera microphone attachment works with most digital recorders that feature a female 1/4″-20 input. Its price is also reasonable. This accessory is ideal for filmmakers who want to record sound from their action cameras.

While it was initially designed for musicians, the Zoom H4n is also ideal for filmmakers and DSLR video makers. It has a built-in stereo microphone, dual XLR mic inputs, and headphone/line-out jacks. The Zoom H4n records up to four tracks in high-quality stereo. It can also capture room ambiance. If you’re in the film or music recording industry, the Zoom H4n may be the best choice.

Audio-Technica ATR-6550

This audio-technical attachment features a windscreen and a high-pass filter. It also features a water-tight connection with the camera’s housing. This microphone attachment offers excellent audio quality and is lightweight at 42g. For a price under $50, this action camera microphone attachment is a good choice.

This versatile and easy-to-use microphone attachment is designed to work with most video cameras. It can be used with subjects near the microphone and farther away. The ATR-6550 is also compatible with various camera models and comes with three different types of adapters. The best part of this action camera microphone attachment is its three-year warranty. Regardless of your shooting action camera, you can rely on its high-quality audio recording.

Handy devices

With the rise in popularity of action cameras in recent years, you can now find these handy devices in your home. These devices allow you to record action shots and videos. The best action cameras can record high-quality audio. For this, you need an action camera microphone attachment. Choose one that suits your needs and your budget. You’ll find a lot of quality action camera microphone attachments for under $100.

Its advanced wireless transmission system minimizes sound delay and provides clear audio over a broader range of frequencies. Its two clip-on omnidirectional mics fit on any DSLR camera. You can also use the ATR6550 action camera microphone attachment with regular cameras. Several other accessories are available to enhance your videos’ audio quality.

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